So…I have a little secret.  I’m a closeted Mystic.  Most of the people I know don’t know what I do in my spare time.  Sure my husband, my side of the family and a few select friends know, but the others, they are in the dark.

I think it is a difficult thing to tell people that you are into metaphysics and you believe a piece of cardboard and some stars can tell you what is the best course of action.  I know more and more people are becoming accepting of metaphysics these days, even Newsweek recently put out an issue devoted to the subject, but there are still those who will judge.

The reasons behind my closeted status really has nothing really to do with myself though.  I don’t care how other’s view me or if they judge me, that is their issue to deal with, not mine.  My reasoning has to do with the people I care about, mainly my husband and my daughter.Closet Tarot

My husband’s parents and family have no clue about my interest in tarot or astrology or crystals or energy work or anything in this area.  They believe I’m “normal”…or at least that is the image I try to portray.  Every time they come to town I dutifully put away the pieces of my sacred space and clean up the incense ashes.  I put my tarot decks away in drawers and try to make my crystals less noticeable.  I may have not always so easily complied with these requests from my husband, but now I understand his wishes.  Sometimes it is better if your in-laws don’t stumble across your most recent energy work and ask “what’s this?”.

I also am a closeted mystic for my daughter.  I live in the midwest where Republicans are numerous and hippies are sparse.  I didn’t really realize how “red” this area was until I moved away to Madison, Wisconsin then Denver, Colorado for a span of time and got used to a different “normal”.  In both those cities metaphysical shops are plenty and tattooed hippies are on every street corner.  But not where I’m currently living.  And that brings me to my daughter, and how the other children and parents may choose to judge her if they learn that her mother is a tarot reader.  Will the old Miss Cleo prejudices surface?  I’m not quite sure how they will react.  But for now I am keeping my identity under wraps.  She may choose to reveal her mother in the future, but I will try my best to leave that for her to decide.

And then there is also another reason to be closeted.  Sometimes it i7ofswordss just fun to feel like you have a little “secret” that you are keeping from the world.  Sometimes I want to be the the fox in The Wild Unknown’s Seven of Swords card, secretly keeping one sword hidden from view.  Keeping a part of yourself hidden can be fun, and it can also help that part of you to remain a little pure.  A little untainted from the powers that be and judgmental eyes.

So for now, at this moment, I will remain a closeted mystic.  My close family and friends may know my secret identity, but not everyone, not yet, not now.


  1. I’m excited for you, because you have discovered one of life’s precious gifts. There is such a wonderful community out there that I was unaware of! Happy to be journeying with you.


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