So I’ve got another health post for you this week because last week I hurt my back.  Like, really hurt it.  I woke up at 2am one morning with a pain so bad that I couldn’t get back to sleep.  I tossed and turned until it was an appropriate time to get out of bed.  Pain meds did nothing for the pain.  It hurt to turn my head from left to right.  It just hurt.

How did this happen?  I have no clue.  I could have tried to pick up my little dog in the middle of the night.  I’m not really sure what it was, but the muscles in my back are strained.

temperance rx

Being a stay at home mom with a two and a half year old daughter I can’t just spend a day sitting around doing nothing letting my back heal.  Instead I need to be able to pick my daughter up and help her maneuver her environment.  And she is not a petite two year old.

Can you guess what I did in this situation after my last post?  I turned to the cards, especially since my weekly forecast for myself had the Magician card selected for the middle of the week – I knew the energy was right for manifesting and using the energy of the universe in my favor.

I pulled the Temperance reversed after asking what the energy surrounding my back pain was like.  This tells me that this is not a situation where I should just sit back and do nothing.  Don’t take the middle road.  Instead I should favor one approach over another.  In my mind this card was telling me to be active, not passive, to start moving and keep moving.

For advice on healing my back I drew the two of cups.  This particular image from The Starchild Tarot Akashic edition shows a woman floating in water below a rainbow.  This card suggests to me to ask other people for help and, with this image, a nice warm bath may help also prove helpful.  I hate baths, I know, weird.  I much prefer long showers, two of cupssomething about the running water instead of stagnant bath water.  So I took a long hot shower every night for a week with the water focused on my back.

Both these cards gave me good advice and ideas to think about.  But I wanted to be a little more proactive.  I wanted to hit this pain with everything in my arsenal.  I looked in The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian to get some advice on which stones could help with muscle tension.  From this book I decided to carry some red jasper, hematite and a piece of rose quartz to help out.  The red jasper and hematite were the only stones I had on hand from their list on muscle issues (I tend to give my stones away and my collection needs some replenishing like no ones business!).  And I decided to throw in a rose quartz because I see it as one of my signature stones, and one that can’t hurt.  If you had a back injury wouldn’t you enjoy a little extra loving energy headed your way?

Then, for an extra kick to this backache, I did a little candle magic – burning a candle down over a message to the universe while saying an affirmative prayer.  I’m not a “hard core” witch and my knowledge of candle magic is simplistic, but I did what I could using my current knowledge to help with this situation.

Now, a week later, and my back pain is almost totally gone.  I still woke up a little sore this morning, but nothing too bad.  Yes, this could have just been something that took a little time to heal.  But in those first few days when the pain was really bad, it helped to feel that I was actually doing something to help heal myself rather than relying on just the magic power of pain pills.

And I should probably state here that I’m not a doctor so don’t take anything I say as medical advice.  I know more about the stars and cards then I do about traditional medicine, but I respect both fields immensely.  When in doubt, always see a professional, licensed doctor.  I do for myself and for my family.

So what methods do you use when you aren’t feeling your best?  Any tried and true methods to fix muscle strains?  Any crystals you like to carry with you when you aren’t feeling great?


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