What is your favorite way to practice the Tarot?  I am a firm believer in actual practical applications in order to really hone any craft.  I spent years learning astrology, but it wasn’t until I took a class in which we actually worked through charts and wrote them up that everything started to really solidify in my mind.

instagram challenge 2It is the same with Tarot.  I’ve been using the Tarot for five years now and no amount of reading from books or writing down definitions of cards in journals made me really understand the intricacies.  No, it was the practical, everyday application.

I use Tarot all the time, but I have some favorite types of readings that I find really helpful to get into the habit of handling the cards on a daily basis.  Here are just a few of my favorite methods.

Daily Draws

I think everyone and their mother has heard of doing a daily, one card draw to see what tdaily readinghe energy will be like for the day.  This is a method recommended in many books as a way of learning the cards meaning.  I like to take it one step further and, after I see what the energy will be like for the day, I pair it with some crystals to carry along to enhance or ease what I might encounter.

Weekly Forecasts

Another helpful method has been weekly forecasts.  On Sundays, or sometimes Mondays if I am busy, I draw three cards for the week ahead.  The first card represents the energies for Monday and Tuesday, the second card is for Wednesday and Thursday and the final card is for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  You can also sometimes glean an overall theme for the week from this method.

I also find it helpful to do a forecast for another person, not just myself, to get in the practice of connecting with another person’s energy.  I just so happen to have a fabulously wonderful sister who allows me to send her a weekly tarot reading and then will proceed to report back what I got right and what I did not.  This is immensely helpful in learning when I have connected with her energies correctly and when something was off.

Full Moon/New Moon Readings

I also like to do more in depth spreads for Full Moons to see what energies I can work on releasing and New Moons to see what energies I can welcome into my life.  With these I full moon readinggenerally like to play around with which spread I do. Sometimes I do one of my own creation and other times I use one I have found online.  I like Instagram as a great resource for finding these types of spreads.

Instagram Challenges

And perhaps one of my all time favorite ways to use the cards daily and to really get to know them is through Instagram challenges.  There are so many great tarot challenges each month that it is sometimes hard to pick which one will be the best.  I usually let my cards decide, looking up all the challenges for a month and then seeing what energies work best with me.  I generally like to do at least one challenge a month, but sometimes I will add another if it isn’t a full month commitment.

So what are some of your favorite ways to use the tarot every day?  Have you found one method easier than another?  What is your favorite way to learn and practice tarot?

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  1. What a nice sister! Mine won’t even let me do a monthly one. I agree on the Instagram challenges, seeing how everyone else interprets cards has added a different level to some of my interpretations of some cards.

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