As a stay at home mom we try to schedule and arrange a lot of playdates to keep ourselves busy and socialized. Being an introvert, however, sometimes it is difficult to drag myself out to meet new people and deal with a (sometimes) misbehaving toddler.

Those are just a few reason I decided early on to pull a tarot card to see what the energies with the upcoming playdate were going to be like. It is a fun way to use the cards and prepare for what is to come. Plus, I always enjoy looking back at the event and seeing how well the card represented the energies. It also helps to learn some different interpretations of the cards.

So here are just a few of examples from playdates I’ve been on:

High School Playdate Tarot
Playdate with people from High School

Perhaps the most nerve wracking playdate I have been on so far with my daughter was with other individuals from my high school. I had not seen these people since high school graduation, but, after moving back into town, I tried every option to get together with people and re-establish a social outlet.

The cards knew me too well on that day. I pulled the Page of Swords reversed to summarize the energies for me. And yep, that is definitely how I felt. My words didn’t come out right. I would talk at the wrong time and not talk when I should have said something. I misunderstood some questions and gave out too much information. I just felt like I was back in high school again. The geek trying to communicate with the popular kids.

playdate that didn't happen
The Playdate that never was…

I doubted my cards for one draw, the Chariot Reversed. I didn’t understand what they were trying to tell me about the playdate with the neighborhood mom’s group that day. It was a perfectly sunny mild day, great for a playdate at the playground. So why were the cards saying the playdate just wasn’t going to happen?

Well, the answer came as we drove up to the playground. No one was there. We knew from the group’s Facebook page that some members were going to be late, but we were already running twenty minutes behind, so these other moms were really late. Knowing the energy surrounding the event was already a non-starter, we decided to not waste our time waiting to see if other kids would show up and instead, we went to a different playground, one that had lots of other kiddos for my little one to play with.

Growing relationships
A growth experience

Our most recent playdate came with the Ace of Pentacles. This was a great playdate for me to actually get to know the other moms and start to plant that seed and build those connections. I have become very aware that these are the people that I will likely be around for years to come as my daughter enters school. It is good to build those relationships early on and let the seeds start to sprout.

So any mom’s out there ever use Tarot to predict how playdates are going to go? My little on is still so young, but I can foresee using this method in the future as playdates become more formalized.

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