I am currently a stay at home mom living in the heart of suburbia.  But that doesn’t stop astrology books 2
me from dabbling in the mystical arts and doing a few tarot readings here and there.  And it doesn’t stop my daughter from picking up some interesting habits from me.  While other toddlers are flipping through The Cat and the Hat or The Hungry Caterpillar, mine asks to read “Mommy’s Astrology book”.

Here are just a few of the other times where it becomes obvious that mom is a mystic:

  • Kombucha is a word that this two and a half year old knows and can recognize from the bottle
  • Getting incense at the local store is an exciting event looked forward to after all the groceries are picked out
  • Crystals have been a part of her world since birth with a bag being tied under her bed, then some being put inside stuffed animals and along her book shelves
  • Asking to play “cards” usually means taking out an oracle deck and not a round of go-fish
  • Regularly tells mom to stop playing with her tarot cards
  • Toddler can recite the prayer for protection and asks for it before bedtime
  • Toddler knows some crystals by their actual names
  • Bedroom color is picked based on chakra activation and not gender stereotypes
  • First blanket was knitted with spells into the yarn
  • Enjoys wearing Mala beads
  • Whenever mom leaves and comes back assume she has just gone to yoga
  • Talk of Angels is prevalent and sometimes mistakes baby dolls for angels

If you have kids what are some things they know about or mention that are not common topics on the playground?


  1. Definitely the tarot cards…when she sees them, she says, “Hello, cards!” and begins to describe the symbols that she sees. She loves “rocks” (crystals), and when we’re outside, she goes about collecting them. When she wants to watch something, she clamors for “Room on the Broom” rather than My Little Pony : )


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