Pregnancy has been on my mind a lot lately.  Not because I am thinking of getting knocked up anytime soon, but because it is in the air.  Spring time brings with it little baby rabbits that are more than a little enticing for my dogs and new flowers popping up everyday.

This time of the year can also get a little depressing if you want to be the parent of a new little one, but are having trouble getting there.  I know how hard that wait can be for a positive pregnancy test.  Believe me, I have been there.  But I am not one to just sit around and wait.  I want to give the universe every help I can, I want to be proactive.  So over the years I have researched and tried out many different metaphysical theories around pregnancy.

Crystals for Pregnancy

The thought around crystals is that they emit an energetic frequency that can provide subtle influence over you.  It is best to keep these crystals close to you to influence your energetic body, either by wearing items made of them or carrying them in your pocket.  My favorite crystals for pregnancy, and ones that I used are the following:IMG_2173

  • Moonstone, this is a white colored stone that helps women become in tune with the moon and its cycle.  The moon’s cycle mimics that of the woman’s bodies – at one point we were more in sync with the moon, but that was when we slept outside under its beams.
  • Unakite, a green and pink stone.  This stone has a gentle energy and brings together the masculine with the feminine.  Of all the stones this is a very popular stone to carry around while pregnant.  If you are a worrier, I recommend getting this as a worry stone that you can rub and help calm you down during pregnancy.
  • Ruby, a deep red stone.  This stone is said to stimulate desires and sexual energy – both needed when trying to conceive!
  • Rose Quartz, this pink stone has a beautiful subtle energy that makes it extremely popular, but sometimes overlooked.  It brings on a peaceful loving energy.

Astrology for Pregnancy 

Astrologers often say you are most likely to conceive under the same moon phase as the one that was present when you were born.  So if you were born under a full moon then conception is most likely to occur under a full moon.  I have not found this personally relevant, but wanted to throw it in in case it you resonate with this concept.  To determine what moon phase you were born under click here.  For the current moon phase click here.

It may also be helpful for you to know your natal chart and if there are any red flags that show the predisposition to have a difficult time having children.  Specifically, looking at the 5th house, which is the house of things we create – everything from art work to children reside in this house.  Is there a “difficult” planet in this house or a hard aspect to a planet in this house?  Personally, I have a lot of action in my 5th house including Saturn.

Saturn in the 5th house is notorious for causing trouble getting pregnant and sometimes will indicate someone who has no children or who had children later in life.  For me, my pregnancy with my daughter did not happen until my Saturn Return, a time when you are somewhat forced to grow up and take responsibility for yourself.

Tarot for Pregnancy

IMG_0331So there is some stigma around readings involving pregnancy by some tarot readers.  Some readers may find certain questions not appropriate while others are willing to answer them.  Personally, I fall on the more lenient side.  I know how excruciating that two week wait can be, and sometimes a card reading helps make it all go faster.  But, as with readings involving health, the individual must be aware that the energies the cards are picking up on can be influenced, for better or worse.  I first learned I was pregnant from a tarot reading I did on myself and I am willing to help other women in the same situation, with a big caveat thrown in.

How about you, would you get a tarot reading to find out if you are expecting?  Are you willing to read pregnancy related questions?  Any crystals you found especially helpful during this time period?

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