What are your favorite tv shows?  I really could use some recommendations.  I tend to prefer shows that have some metaphysical or spiritual slant, without being too dark or spooky.  I also generally like a hopeful message at the end, call me sappy, but thats what I like.  Oh, and a good romance thrown in never hurts either – I have Venus trine Neptune so I like some prince charming aspects every now and again.

I seem to stick to my basic favorites, but am always looking for something new to try out.  Something I’ve never heard of, but will be satisfactorily binge worthy.

I’ve put together a list of some of my favorites to give you an idea of what shows I like and for you to add some shows to your queue in case you are interested.

All time favorite show:

My all time, favorite tv show has to be Ghost Whisperer.  In case you did not know, this show was brought into being and co-executive produced by James Van Praagh, one of theFullSizeRender best mediums (the people who talked to your deceased loved ones) out there today.  He based the stories on a friend of his who would help crossover souls that were stuck on the earthly plain with white light.

This show just has so many features going for it, a great cast, good writing and real information.  Just by watching this show you can learn some about spirits and ghosts and other metaphysical musings.  And with James Van Praagh involved, this information is not just made up, this is the real deal.

Witchy shows: 

I also can appreciate a good Witch themed show.  Who doesn’t mind watching some Charmed every now and again.  I am not the hugest Charmed fan, but I’ve been slowly making my way through the series.  Now a show that I did greatly enjoy was Witches of East End, which only lasted two seasons on the lifetime channel.  That show had some great story lines.

And I should mention a current show, Good Witch, which airs on the Hallmark channel on Sunday nights.  Don’t watch this show expecting a lot of magic, it will greatly disappoint.  This show is basically a typical Hallmark channel series with the word “Witch” thrown into the title to describe a woman who has good intuition and knowledge of medicinal herbs.  I’m still watching it this season, but not overly excited by it.

Shows about Mediums: 

Another line of shows that are pretty interesting to watch are those that follow around Mediums (again, the type of people that talk to the dead).  This line of shows seems to have been made famous by The Long Island Medium, although John Edward and James Van Praagh both had shows on during the early 2000s that brought the concept of mediums to the general public.

There are some decent medium based shows out there right now including Monica the Medium about a college student that is also a Medium.  Now, if you want to watch an example of an amazing Medium and psychic, check out Hollywood Medium. The title might throw some people off, but it follows medium Tyler Henry as he does readings on different celebrities.  This show is great because you can just see how genuine and innocent Tyler is.  He does not know most of the celebrities he reads and, best of all, he is only 18 (I think that is his age, he might be something like 17, anyway, he looks really young).  My favorite part is when his mother drives him to readings and they banter back and forth like a typical mother-son duo.  I actually wish this show would have been picked up by a different network and would get more publicity.

Shows I want to watch: 

Now there are some shows that I’ve heard about and just haven’t found a way to watch yet.  Recently, I’ve heard some interesting things about Showtime’s Penny Dreadful that has peaked my interest.  I don’t have showtime so, other than buying the episodes, I don’t have a cheap way to watch this show.  I just love that they sell their own Tarot cards.  Definitely a show on my “to-watch” list.  And then there is Avatar the Last Airbender.  I’ve heard great things about this cartoon, but, since I watch cartoons all day long, during my free time this isn’t generally the genre of my choice.  I do plan to watch this series at some point.

So what about you?  What are some of your favorite shows?


  1. Ugh, The Good Witch was such a tease! I so badly want a show where the main character is a witch, and it’s not played for thrills or horror- which is what puts me off Penny Dreadful. Kinda like a better written Charmed (at least the first four seasons before they bogged it down). I’m also not into the current crop of teen shows like The Secret Circle which end up being all about a love triangle.


    1. Yes! All the promotional material for The Good Witch makes it look witchy – but not so much. And I tried to watch Penny Dreadful the other day and just couldn’t get into it. I’m in desperate need for something good! Have you checked out The Magicians? I read the first half of the book it is based off of and it seems okay – I’m not overly thrilled but it is something…


      1. I’ve thought about watching but never actually started. I don’t know, maybe I’m picky. I want less of the HD magic stuff with cool effects and more like the Charmed procedural with life intervening where the witch makes potions and references herbs and old spells and things and works their life around it. And isn’t punished for it? I did like both Witches of East End and Eastwick for their female relationships though. That’s also part of it for me, I think.


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