One of my favorite ways to use tarot is to help me make decisions.  Tarot isn’t necessarily going to say definitively that one way is better than another, but it can help you think through some of the benefits and drawbacks to each option.

One difficult decision that many parents have to face is which preschool to send their three year old to.  I didn’t realize how difficult and drawn out this process could be until my daughter got close to preschool age.  Instead of learning your ABCs and 123s in kindergarten this generation of kids is expected to come into school knowing the basics.  Preschool is no longer about learning to share and snack time, but the focus now is on phonics and being prepared to read.

Keeping this in mind, my sister (*permission was obtained to blog about this*) has been agonizing over whether to switch her daughter, we will call her M, to a new preschool or stick with her current preschool which is not producing the results she expected.

M is a shy three and a half year old who is finally starting to talk in her current preschool.  But this current school is not without its drawbacks, mainly M is coming home with new behavioral issues and not knowing as much as she could.  The potential new preschool has a larger class size which could intimidate M, but also stellar academics.  Which school should she choose?

I did a simple Pro – Con – Outcome Spread for each option and the answers were pretty much what my sister’s instincts were telling her.


Option: New Preschool

Pro: Chariot – Con: 9 of Swords – Outcome: 3 of Crystals

At the new preschool M would find forward movement and could come out of it knowing a great deal of information – nice to see the “masters” card in the outcome position for a question about schools.  But, the con of this school brings up the 9 of Swords or the “nightmare” card.  Just as my sister expected M’s social anxiety may not fair well with the larger class size.

Option: Current Preschool

Pro: Queen of Cups – Con: Knight of Crystals Reversed – Outcome: Five of Wands Reversed

At the current preschool M is feeling comfortable and in her element.  However, there is resistance to moving forward in the material realm (career, money, school) which could mean that she won’t learn as much as she is capable of.  Also, that five of wands reversed in the outcome position could mean that she ends up feeling some internal conflict about this school.

So this reading did not give my sister the clear cut answer she was hoping for – but that is because there is not a clear right or wrong answer to make.  Tarot is just providing her with more information about her options and leaving it up to her to decide.

After this reading she is still on the fence.  She asked me what I would do – I said look for option 3, but that isn’t really a realistic response.  I do not think there is any right or wrong answer to her decision – it is just based on their priorities as a family.

So what option would you pick?  Have you ever had to make this kind of decision, where neither answer is the best?  When have you used Tarot to help you make decisions?


  1. I did something similar when we were looking for a new house. Tarot helped us make the decision of new build and it was so the way to go.

    On a side note, my kid had a terrible time in daycare so I totally understand wanting to make the right decision here! And I think you’re right…sometimes there is no right or wrong 🙂


  2. Lovely post! Spreads like these are really helpful. Sometimes simply by highlighting what is, and what’s possible, we become better able to make educated choices. And having our thoughts, hopes, and concerns mirrored back to us can also help us to define more clearly what’s most important. One of the nice things about the 3 of Crystals (Earth, I am assuming!) is that it may give your sister the opportunity to negotiate (along with the teachers) the best structure for your niece. I love how your cards reflect so precisely the energies at work in this situation (and the deck is beautiful!).


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