You know that feeling of dread you get when you know you are going somewhere that is just going to make you feel crappy and drained later?  I get that feeling a lot when I go to hospitals and doctors appointments with my daughter.  I know on doctor’s appointment days that my mindset isn’t going to be the best by the end of the day and I will likely feel low on energy, and not the kind of low that a cup of coffee can refill.

We feel this way because places like hospitals are filled with icky (yes that is a technical term) energy just hanging around from all the people who are worried or fearful.  People who are sensitive to energy can pick up some of this energy when we go into these environments.  Yep, that is right, we can end up taking this icky energy home with us and then we may feel crappy later in the day.

But there are some things we can do to prevent this energy from sticking to us.  I like to be prepared and refuse to have a doom and gloom attitude.  No way that icky energy is getting near me!  I am all for some psychic or energy protection!

*****Because so many of us are energy sensitive, I thought it might be helpful to do a series of posts on different techniques you can use to protect yourself in these situations.  So if you are going somewhere where people generally have a worried or fearful attitude –  think airplanes, SAT testing sites, even some sporting events and movies – think about implementing some protection techniques into your routine.  And as with all things metaphysical, take what works for you and leave the rest!*****

The first protection technique I am going to tell you about is an easy one to do everyday – using your outfit for protection.  That is right, the clothes you pick can help guard against some of that negative energy sticking.  Think of your outfit as armor you wear getting ready to battle that pesky negativity!

I do this by choosing to wear certain colors for their energetic imprint.  When I need protection, I like to wear some piece of black clothing.  Think about when you want to just blend into the background so no one will see you.  What color do you wear?  I bet you aren’t strutting around in a white shirt and neon green pants.

When I’m heading out to an icky environment I will wear something like a black tank top, or a pair of black pants or even a black cardigan.  But there is no need to leave fashion at the door, you don’t need to dress head to toe in black (unless that is your thing, than go for it!).  One piece here or there can have a great impact.  IMG_3341

Even if you are only wearing a black cardigan, still think about the other pieces of clothing and what energy signature you want to get out of them.  Usually when going into a stressful environment, communication may be an issue.  When I go to doctor’s appointments with my daughter, I want the doctor to hear me and listen to any concerns I may have.  With that in mind, I usually choose something blue to wear to activate the throat chakra and increase my communication.  This is an easy step to weave into your wardrobe with something like jeans if they are appropriate for the occasion.  You can also wear a blue shirt or skirt to activate that throat chakra.

Now, let me finish by just mentioning one piece of clothing that most people aren’t going to see, but you can easily use to incorporate different energies into your outfit.  Yep, your undies are a great place to pick some colors that you don’t normally wear or doesn’t flatter you, but want to get the benefit from.  I have virtually no orange in my closet, except a pair of undies.  For protective purposes a pair of black undies will be perfect, but you can also choose maybe a green pair to give yourself some heart chakra energy.

Do you dress for protection?  What colors help you blend into the background?  What piece of clothing helps you to feel protected?


  1. Great post! Black does tend to be my go-to colour but I also have a couple of The Wild Unknown t-shirts that I wear for specific purposes. Strength to give me confidence (like for my first driving lesson) and The World to bring me success.

    I have trouble with communication sometimes so I think I need more blue in my wardrobe!


    1. I love the idea of using The Wild Unknown tshirts! What a cool idea to get the tarot into your everyday life. I think the messages on the clothes we wear are so important since they are basically a part of our body for most of a day.


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