Mars RetrogradeSo I’m a big proponent of avoiding all the hype that sometimes goes along with astrology in the mainstream.  The “oh no it is Mercury retrograde the whole world is going to collapse” mentality.  Not every planetary transit will have a big effect on you.  See my post on Mercury Retrograde to get an idea of what I’m talking about.

But when a planetary transit does have a major impact on you, it is nice to know that you are not alone.  I find it comforting to read or listen to other’s accounts of what they felt like during the transit to get some ideas on how I may be feeling or the planet’s energy in general.

So basically that is the background on why I decided to write this blog post about what it feels to have Mars in Scorpio retrograde over and then station direct very close to my natal Mars in Scorpio.  Let me just preface this by saying this has been an interesting transit for me.

For the astrology newbie out there, Mars is generally considered the planet that directs your action and energy.  This is the planet of power and determination, the drive the gets you moving in the morning.  Put its motion in retrograde (meaning it appears that it is moving backward in the sky) and that brings the action inward or even slows everything down.  It is hard to get moving when the planet of action is going in the wrong direction.

So that is Mars in retrograde generally.  Then add the sign to the planet and it is like putting Mars in an outfit.  For example, when Mars is in Aries he (yes, Mars is masculine in case you were wondering) is in running shorts and a t-shirt, ready to sprint a mile at a minutes notice since Aries is associated with energy and action.  Mars in Scorpio is wearing a leather jacket and dark sunglasses, the brooding attractive guy in the corner who looks like he has the world on his shoulders but he doesn’t really care.  Scorpio is associated with depth, desire, transformation and sexuality.

Now you put those three components together, Mars in Scorpio retrograde – the brooding guy in his leather jacket is having a hard time getting off the couch.  Now this Mars isn’t going to have a huge impact on everyone, some people may just feel a little less energy than usual or may not feel anything at all.  But put this Mars on top of where your natal Mars is and this can be a real energy drain.

IMG_3846You want to know what I have accomplished the last few months that Mars has been traveling backward through the sky?  I have binged watched four tv shows on Netflix.  Yep, the entire series of four different shows.

I know, you are pretty impressed aren’t you.  I started out slow, transiting Mars wasn’t that close to my natal Mars at the start of its journey.  I watched an episode or two of show every night, making my way through all the seasons.  It wasn’t until after transiting Mars got within 1 degree of my natal Mars that my binge watching went to a different level.

That is when things started to get really “bad” and I got hooked on watching Roswell.  I almost felt like I was in a fog, a denseness surrounded my thoughts and I felt a need, a craving to watch as many episodes as I could.  This drive felt like it was all consuming – an addiction that needed to be fed.

So what was it about this show that had me so intrigued and fueled my desire to sit in front of the tv for hours on end – even waking up early to catch a few shows?  Remember that Mars is in Scorpio, and Scorpio was definitely at play here.  The two main characters on this show have the transcending love that is heart-aching and romantic all rolled into one – a quintessential Scorpionic (making up my own words now) theme.  I could feel this storyline activating my fourth chakra (the heart chakra) and I was starting to become addicted to that feeling.

So Mars retrograde had me in a hazy fog that compelled me to watch lots of old tv shows that would activate my fourth chakra.  Yep, that is pretty much what it felt like.  I did eventually finish watching all episodes of Roswell and told my husband to keep the tv remote away from me.  But then I discovered the series was based on a set of books called Roswell high and I quickly devoured one to two books from that series a day.

Now that Mars is starting to move direct again, I can feel the haze beginning to lift.  I am still lacking in some motivation, but I can feel myself getting some drive back in my step.  I’m starting to make progress and I haven’t started another tv series!

Has this Mars retrograde had a major impact on you?  Is there any transit that you have felt deeply in your bones?  Any binge worthy shows you like on Netflix…

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