IMG_4199Have you ever had a dream that sticks with you for years?  A dream that is both terrifying and great at the same time.  A dream that leaves you shaking to the core when you wake up.

I have.  This dream occurred over ten years ago – I can still picture what my bedroom looked like at that time – the mattress on the floor so our little dog could easily jump up on the bed without straining.  The dresser facing at an awkward angle toward the bed creating a cave like setting, its green paint already starting to peel.  And I can still remember bits and pieces of the dream – not everything, but the essence still remains.

I wrote down the details of this dream right after it happened, but now I am not sure where the journal is that contains these words.  All I have are my memories.

In the dream Jesus appeared to me in the form of a twelve year old hispanic girl.  Long braids in pigtails laid over her blue overalls.  She touched my forehead and I felt immense power.  Then I woke up – both terrified and in awe, shaken to my core.

Throughout these years I have occasionally tried to analyze this dream and tried to make sense of it.  Was I going through something at this point in my life that warranted such a dream?  What did it mean?  Was it really Jesus?  How did I know that this girl was Jesus?

This dream came back up into my consciousness last week.  It has me analyzing everything again – trying to parse out the meaning – the significance – the reasoning.

I believe in the power of dreams.  I believe that dreams mean something and can tell us something about where we are headed.  My favorite dream analyzer is Dr. Michael Lennox  who used to have a podcast on unity radio in which he analyzed listeners dreams.  It is still on itunes (look up Dream Interpretations with Dr. Michael Lennox) and I highly recommend listening to the past episodes, even though it is no longer current.

IMG_4198I know that dreams can be powerful.  I have known people who have had visitations from deceased loved ones through the medium of dreams.  I have had several cats visit me from beyond in a dream.  There are just some dreams where you KNOW that there is a greater significance – that something special is happening.

So how about you – have you ever had a dream that sticks with you for years?  Do you believe dreams contain meaning and are worth analyzing?  Do you believe people on the other side can come to you in a dream?

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