IMG_4248I am a big believer in rituals in and around my tarot practice.  Rituals have several benefits, one being to get you into the frame of mind and space to read tarot.  Doing the same set of activities or saying the same words can help focus your mind and your intuition before and during a tarot reading.

I have specific steps I like to take and prayers I like to say before proceeding with a tarot reading.  It is important to make your rituals unique to yourself and your beliefs.  I have taken a little of this and that from different books I’ve read and different experiences I have had to come up with my own unique set of rituals.

Before a reading begins I like to look at my mental hygiene.  Am I feeling stressed?  Have I had an eventful day?  Are there any residual energies hanging onto me that could interfere with a clear reading?  These are important things to think about, especially if you are reading for other people.  If I am feeling any of these I like to take a long shower and wash away this stuck energy.  I won’t do a reading if I feel my head isn’t in the right mind space.

IMG_4257Taking outside energy into account, I also like to use some sage spray or burn sage if I feel any inkling of negativity.  In the same vein, I will ring a bell to send away any negativity.  I also find a third-eye essential oil a nice addition for really focusing my energies before a reading.

Another important focusing mechanism is meditation.  This can be as simple as a few breaths or as drawn out as a thirty minute period of silence.  Usually the length of meditation depends on how deep a reading is and where I am feeling spiritually.  For daily draws it is usually just a few breaths while readings for other people usually involve at least fifteen minutes of silence.

Before beginning meditation, I like to say a protection prayer to ensure I allow only healthy and positive energy to connect with me.  The prayer I use is from the Unity Church  and was even taken on the first space shuttle to the moon.  It is also the prayer that generally ends every Unity Church Service and one that has a special energy for me.

“The Light of God surrounds us;

The Love of God enfolds us;

The Power of God protects us; 

The Presence of God watches over us;

Wherever we are, God is!”

Now this is where I say use your own word or concept for “God” if that makes you more comfortable.  This word is so loaded with different energies that it may not feel “right” for you to use it in this manner.  You can always substitute Goddess or divine light – whatever brings you joy.

After the prayer for protection and meditation, and before I commence any tarot readings, no matter how small, I will invoke my spirit guides, the angels who watch over me and those on the other side who come in love and light.  I do this by saying: IMG_4251

“The light of God flows through me

and fills me with perfect love and perfect trust

and provides the answers I seek

in loving light and clarity.”

At this point I am ready to begin a tarot reading.  I usually split the deck in half, and knock the sides together three times to rid the deck of any previous energy.  I then say to the
cards my exact questions and proceed with my shuffling ritual – see, I do love rituals!

Do you have anything special you do before a tarot reading?  Are there any protection rituals you like to have in place before reading tarot?  What puts you into the right mind set to read the cards?  


  1. Very nice. I’m so glad you’re stressing the importance of ritual, something I needed to be reminded of today! For me, being outside in nature is the best way to read. Just taking in silence and being absorbed by the present moment of the Universe.

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