IMG_4050Is anyone else out there in internet land enjoying all the Tarot Summer School classes hosted by Ethony?  I sure am!  These classes are a really enjoyable way to take your tarot and metaphysical business knowledge to new levels.  I really appreciate what Ethony created in putting this together as I can relate to her desire to attend Tarot conferences but inability or unwillingness to leave her little one at home.

Right now I am working my way through the Party Readings for Tarot Professionals.  This one is a gold mine of information.  I really enjoy Jenna Martin of Queen of Wands Tarot’s  tone and her delivery of the information.  She provides little stories and caveats that are priceless.

During her course she shares her go-to spread for when a querent comes to a table for a tarot reading without a question or area they would like to focus on.  It struck me that her spread is very similar to my go-to spread so I thought I would share my take in case anyone is interested.

My go-to spread for these situations is one I like to call the Seven Cups Special – I have visions of eventually getting a set of cups with each position title engraved on them.  I use this spread to get a general overview of multiple areas of a person’s life.  It can then also lead to more questions and further spreads to focus on specific areas – usually when getting this reading a querent will want more in depth information or realize they do have a question about one of the areas.IMG_4051

Seven Cups Spread

  1. General Energy – this card focuses on the an overall picture of how the energy is around the person right now, giving a feel and directions for the cards to come.
  2. Money/Finances – like it says, this card focuses on what a person’s financial picture looks like at the current time
  3. Work/Career – you are probably getting the idea now, what the energy is like for a person’s work or career.
  4. Love – what energy is going on in a person’s love life.  This works for both single and married individuals alike.
  5. Family – how is the energy in relation to the individual’s family.
  6. Spirituality – anything going on in terms of spirituality or messages from spirit for the individual
  7. Advice – I always like to throw in an advice card to see what steps the person can take right now and what they need to be focusing on.  The advice card is perhaps my favorite card position and I will even pull an advice card with my daily draw each morning.

So that is my go-to spread.  You can see how the querent may have additional questions as the spread goes along.  Perhaps a three of swords in the love position will provoke something in the individual that will then spur more questions or require further clarification.  Or an advice card will be followed with a more specific advice card for a certain area the client is sees as worrisome.

How about you – What is your favorite general spread?  What do you do when an individual wants a tarot reading but does not have a question in mind?

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