There is a lot of talk in the metaphysical community about having an “abundance mentality”.  With the popularity of The Secret and The Law of Attraction  people everywhere believe/know that they can manifest money just by perceiving that they are abundant.  But what does this really mean?  What does having an abundance mentality really look like in day to day life?

It is easy to say to someone that they need to switch their mindset to think that they have enough money, that they have everything they need, but it is harder to actually do it.  On an old episode of one of my favorite podcasts, Psychic Teachers, Samantha Fey  talks about how, for her, it took changing her shampoo from the generic version to a more expensive version to really get her abundance mentality to kick in.

IMG_4449Think of abundance mentality like this – you are in the airport and are super thirsty and in need of a snack.  Those with an abundance mentality don’t think twice about buying the five dollar bottle of water or the three dollar banana.  Those without this mentality pack their own water bottle and find a water fountain and then chow down on their pre-packed snacks.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for saving the environment and not buying tons of plastic bottles just to throw them away – but why are you caring that reusable water bottle?  Are you carrying it so more plastic won’t get thrown into our oceans?  Or are you carrying it so you don’t have to shell out money for overpriced water that is really the same as the free tap water running in the faucet of the overcrowded bathrooms?

That is the difference in abundance mentality.  I’ve done it.  I’ve bought that bottle of water and that overpriced banana and not thought twice about how expensive it was.

Okay, so now is my disclaimer about not spending money you don’t have – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t believe/know that you have money, that you have more than enough.  When you know that you have more than enough the universe supplies it to you.
So, now I’m going to let you in on another little secret about how to manifest some of that money so having an abundance mentality won’t be so difficult to achieve.  This is a practice I had heard about for years but never really put it into action.

Put a crystal for abundance on some cash.  Yep, pretty simple.  Shopkeepers have known this little secret for years and it is a practice for many to keep a crystal in their cash register to help with money flow.  Citrine is a popular choice to use, but I also like rutilated quartz and I’ve heard Jade is a good choice although I’ve never tried it.

IMG_4402For a personal spin on things let me just tell you about my most recent experience using this strategy.  So my husband came home with a one hundred dollar bill after a good night at the neighborhood poker club.  Now what do people do with bills that large?  I barely use cash and never anything that big.  I decided I’d just keep it around until the next month’s poker club so we wouldn’t have to scrounge around for some cash before the event like we normally do – I mean, who really keeps cash around anymore?

The bill was on my nightstand next to some crystals, so I just took the citrine and moved it over a little to cover the money.  Then later that day I found some cash in a drawer that I never even would have looked for money in.  Then a check came in that I wasn’t expecting.  Then my husband’s pay check was larger than I thought it would be.  You get the idea.

So the money started rolling in, a little here and a little there.  Then the next month we received two more one hundred bills as a birthday present.  I added those to the pile and then wham – a phone call came in that a medical bill we had paid had actually gotten reimbursed by insurance so they would like to send us a wad of cash.  Now this was within three hours of the extra money being added to the crystal pile.  Let me just say – I Believe!

Do you have an abundance mentality or are you working on cultivating one?  What practices to you use to bring more abundance into your life?


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