I really enjoy reading blogposts and watching youtube videos about other people’s favorite things.  Be it favorite tarot decks or witchy items, these type of posts always intrigue me.  There is something comforting about finding someone who has similar tastes – and there is something thrilling about finding a new product or item to look into.

With that in mind, I thought I’d do something akin to this and list a group of women who are killing it in the tarot world.  It just so happens that their personalities – at least according to how I see them – match up pretty nicely to each of the suits of a tarot deck.

These are women whose work I enjoy following and who could be called the modern face of tarot.  They don’t follow the stereotypical image of what the uninitiated would imagine tarot readers would look like.  These women are not only beautiful but also skilled in tarot and other fields, from business to law.  These women have there sh*t together.

So, without further adieu – I give you – my favorite Tarot Queens


IMG_4636Queen of Pentacles – Without a doubt, the Queen of Pentacles in my book is The Tarot Lady herself.  This woman is the master of all things tarot and business put together.  I love her blogposts, especially the ones dedicated to what she has been reading and watching around the internet.  She also knows her business and isn’t afraid to let you know how important she believes a good background in business is in this profession.

Also, she has a new super cool coloring book coming out that you can pre-order on Amazon right now.  I’ve already got my order in and I can’t wait for it to be published!

Queen of Cups – For me, I see the lovely Ethony as the Queen of Cups.  This woman is a social media queen, having a large following on instagram and youtube.  She oozes goodness and all I want to do is cozy up with a warm cup of tea and listen to her talk.  Ah – that accent is so enjoyable.

IMG_4633And right now, Ethony is the headmistress of Tarot Summer School which is A – Mazing!  I signed up for the all access pass – which is a bargain – and have been enjoying classes from teachers all summer long on topics I didn’t even know I had an interest in.

But that is not all Ethony is up to right now.  She also has the Awakened Souls Oracle Deck which was fully funded on Kickstarter and you can grab your pre-order now if you haven’t already – I’m guessing you know I snagged my copy during the campaign.  I’m eagerly awaiting their release in a few months!

IMG_4634Queen of Swords – Who could argue that the Queen of Swords is the sharp as a knife Benebell Wen.  She is a lawyer by day and occultist by night.  If you have any interest in the Tarot you should own a copy of her book Holistic Tarot which is a  modern day classic in its own right.  There is no need to buy any other book for a good long time as hers will fill all your tarot needs for months and months.

But, I mean, that isn’t to say you shouldn’t preorder her new book The Tao of Craft as well.  This book doesn’t focus on the tarot, but looks juicy with information that I can’t wait to dive into.

And I should mention, if you have any interest in taking your tarot hobby to a professional career, you should read every article she has written on the topic on her blog.  She has done all the hard work for you and collected the tools you need to get a sound business plan started – but the best part is she does it in a woo-woo way – having you pull cards and get the Tarot’s take on different topics along the way.  I mean – who else would have a pre-structured business plan that incorporates tarot and is available for FREE.  You have to check this woman out if you haven’t already.

IMG_4635Queen of Wands – And finally, the Queen of Wands is played by the ever enthusiastic Biddy from Biddy Tarot.  If you have ever googled what the meaning of a specific tarot card is you have likely been to her website.  There is a wealth of information that is just bursting at the seems.

But that is not all Biddy has to offer.  She has a spectacular podcast available on itunes where she interviews some of the tarot greats as well as discussing various topics in the tarot.  Additionally, she just launched a whole new Tarot Community which looks pretty interesting.

So, now I am realizing that this post should have just been labeled – a list of items I have on preorder.  But what this list of woman shows you is the changing face of Tarot.  These women are beautiful and powerful in their own right.  This is the changing face of Tarot and it sure does look good!

Who are your favorite figures in the Tarot community?  Anyone I should check out?  Do you have any of these women’s items on preorder?


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