I don’t know about you, but I get nervous sometimes about buying things online.  What will I really get for my money?  Is this some kind of scam?  With this in mind, I thought I would tell you a little about what you will receive and what happens “backstage” when you order an email reading.

First, I feel an inkling from the universe that you want a tarot reading and I right away know exactly your question and the answer…Just kidding!  If that is what happened I would probably use my super powers toward winning the lottery or stopping the conflict in Sudan.

IMG_4467Okay, so what really happens is I get an email. Yep, pretty mundane first step but it is exciting to me none the less.  I love getting emails from my clients!  Depending on the source, either Etsy or a directly to my address, I will read the email and see if all the information I need to begin a reading is present, if not I’ll send an email back and ask for some more info.  Usually what I need for a reading is your full name, birthday and a description of your situation that you are requesting a tarot reading about.

You may be wondering why I need your real name and birthday – am I going to internet stock you and find out everything about you?  Or worse use the information for some nefarious purpose???  Not so much.  I use your name and birthday to tune into your energy since you aren’t right in front of me when I’m doing the reading.

So what exactly does “tune in” mean – during my meditation prior to your reading and during your reading I will focus on your name and birthday and zoom in on your energy.  I will also ask you spirit guides, the angels that watch over you and any loved ones on the other side for you to come and help me with the reading – basically have your team talk to my team.  I like to imagine, in my mind’s eye, writing your name in cursive and really picking up on your energy.  Everyone’s name and birthday vibrate to a specific frequency – and this frequency becomes your signature.  Connecting with this frequency helps me to make sure I have the right person do the reading for when you aren’t right there.  And if I happen to know you in the “real world”, well then I may not ask you for your birthday and instead I’ll use your beautiful face as a focus instead.

Now what about this description of your situation – aren’t I supposed to know the minute you email me everything that is going on with you – shouldn’t the cards clue me in on what you want to know about?  Again, it doesn’t quite work that way.  In fact, the more information you give me about your situation the deeper your reading can actually be.  Why is this – I’ll be able to “see” more in the cards.  For example, if I’m looking at the Devil card in a relationship reading I may say that you or your partner may have some addictions they need to work through.  But now imagine you told me that your partner works in a rehab clinic – that Devil card may actually signify his job and not his actual addictions.

Okay, so now I have all the information I need.  After I perform my tarot reading ritual I will pull the cards for the question asked.  I then go through and write up my interpretation of each of these cards and whatever else comes to me while doing this reading.

IMG_4051I actually really like to do email readings because I am very comfortable with the process of taking what I “hear” or “see” in my head and typing it down on the page.  I believe this is from a lot of practice writing over the years.  If I wasn’t comfortable typing I would be focusing too much on hitting the correct keys and not enough on actually digesting what I am picking up in the cards.   After spending years in schooling from grade school through law school, I have written so much that typing is second nature to me now.

You might find some readers who don’t do email readings and only will do in-person or phone readings.  Their typing skills may be one reason and it is something to keep in mind.  I would rather talk to a reader who isn’t comfortable on the keyboard then request that they write up a reading.

And I have another secret about email readings – they actually are more time intensive then phone or in person readings.  With phone readings you set out ahead of time how long the session will last and you know when the starting and ending point of that reading will be.  Not so much with email readings – sometimes you just keep getting more and more information about a reading and you loose track of time typing it all up.  Also – typing, no matter how proficient you are at it – will take a longer time than speaking.  All of this is to say, don’t be surprised if some readers refuse to do email readings – it may just not be their style and that is totally okay.  Go with what works for the reader you choose, don’t force them to do a type of reading they aren’t comfortable with because then you likely won’t get their best skills.

So now you have send your emailed, and the reading has been done and written up.  What happens next?  I generally take several pictures of the cards, focusing in on any pertinent ones, trying to pick up as much detail as possible so you can see what I am seeing.  I will usually point out specific items in the card and I want you to be able to see those as well.  I put these images in the document I’ve written up – try to make it look as pretty as possible – and convert all of that in to PDF form.

I will then take that PDF and email it to the address you provided me in the beginning.  If you ordered your reading through Etsy there will likely be a subsequent email saying your reading has been “mailed” to you. I’m not mailing anything physical, this is just a standard email Etsy sends out with all their orders.

So that is it!  That is what happens behind the scenes when you order an email tarot reading.  And if that doesn’t seem too scary, I’d love to read for you sometime.  If you are interested in a reading head on over to my Etsy shop and order something up.  And if you don’t see anything of interest in the shop just email me sevencupsmystic at gmail dot com and we can discuss something more fitting!

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