img_4758Have you ever walked into a house or room and just felt – yuck.  Like there was a lot of bad mojo or karma or just plain “bad vibes” in that space.  Maybe your in-laws just came over and the house feels “off” now that they are gone.  Or maybe that new house you finally decided was perfect has an unexpected visitor left over from the last century.   Or maybe you just feel like the place needs a little energy spring cleaning.

Well, what do you do for this?  I mean, you can spray Febreze on everything, but that is just going to make the place smell all floral not really clean up the energy.  No, you need something more powerful and with a little oomph behind it.

So in the metaphysical world people use a variety of ways to change up that energy – but it all boils down to changing the vibrations in the room. What you are picking up on is low vibrations and you are looking to raise it to a more comfortable level.

How can you do this?  Well, there are many ways to change the vibrations in a room and it is up to you to choose which one or several you feel called to use in your house clearing adventure.  Do what feels right and believe in what you are doing and you will be able to get that house feeling better in no time!


So this first method is really something that you can pair with all the other methods.  Set your intentions ahead of time as to what you want to happen in the space.  You can even come up with a mantra or affirmation to say out loud or in your head while practicing one of the other methods.

One I like to say while cleansing my house is “May love and light fill this space and happiness abound with this sound”.


This is another easy and no cost method to cleanse a room or house.  Just imagine the room filling with white light from above.  Imagine that beautiful light filling in every corner until that space is shining and bright!  Easy peasy.


Sound is a powerful and no hassle method to cleanse a space and raise the vibrations.  If you have a bell or a singing bowl this will be simple, but you can also use your voice if you don’t have any devise that makes a lovely sound.  Just ring the bowl or bell or sing a pretty tune in each room and imagine that vibration spreading throughout the space.


Crystals are everywhere in the metaphysical community and for good reason.  They can help change the vibration of any space they are put into.  Simply pick a few stones that resonate with you and place them around the house.  I recommend not forgetting the bathroom as this is a place that you likely spend a lot of time and one in which you release all that “gunk” you pick up on throughout the day.

Smoke or Spray

Smoke is also a common method of cleansing the area that has been around for centuries.  Simply burn an incense and waft the smoke up into every corner of the room.  Popular cleansing resins are palo santo and sage.  I actually like to use a sage spray, particularly in environments that smoke isn’t such a good idea (think public spaces, apartments, kids rooms).

img_4824Spell bottle

Another thing you can do if you are particularly witchy is to create your own spell bottle to keep around the house to ward off any yucky energy from even getting in.  Use whatever herbs and flowers you feel resonates with you, but some of my favorite include: cinnamon, sage leaves, kosher salt, rose petals, chili powder, geranium petals and white candle wax to seal it.  But use what you feel called to and what correspondences work for your particular practice.

My house clearing process – putting it all together

So with all these options you may start to feel a little overwhelmed.  But fret not, I decided to give you a step by step explanation of how I put this into practice using all of the methods above.  This is proof that it can be simple and not take a bajillion years to get through cleansing each room in your house.

First, just in general, I have crystals and spell bottles in various rooms throughout my house.  Basically whichever rooms attract the most energy – and if I can find a place to stick them that they won’t be obvious when non woo woo visitors or in laws stop by.  I can usually find a place in every room, and I highly recommend the bottoms of vases or above door frames if you are trying to keep your rocks out of sight (and away from little children or pets).

I do a “proper” cleansing about once or twice a month or whenever the energy feels “off” (aka after the in-laws visit), but I have no set schedule.  If I was more diligent I would likely do a cleansing on every full and new moon just to keep myself regular – but I’m not, so I don’t.

So how do I go about actually cleansing the whole house?  First, it is usually recommended to leave a door or a window open before you begin the process so that negative energy will have somewhere to go.  In my current house this is easy to do by opening my back door while leaving the screen door closed- but this has not always been the case.  When I lived in Wisconsin it was often too cold to do this so I would make sure to open a door right after I was done cleansing and cleanse that door as I went.

img_4833To begin, I light my sage and carry my little bell with me to every room.  I stand in the room and visualize white light filling every corner and then walk around the room wafting the sage smoke throughout as I go while saying my affirmation.  Many people recommend certain items – like shells and feathers – to use with the sage.  If this works for you great, but my former vegan self doesn’t like feathers too much so I just use my hand to waft the smoke.  After I go throughout the room with the smoke I then ring my bell, making sure to go to each corner as I do so, all while continuing to say my mantra.

I start with the bottom floor and work my way up, making sure to get each back corner – including the closets – and I end on the top floor next to my open door which I sage as I release all the negative energy out into the wild.

See – not too hard.  The whole process takes me about five minutes to complete now that I have my method down.  It is pretty simple once you are experienced and it will make your house feel all clean and bright!

Do you have any particular house clearing method that you find useful?  How often do you cleanse your space?

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