img_4986My daughter started preschool this week and with that comes all the emotions and energy that accompanies such a fun occasion.  There is only so much a mother can do to prepare their child for leaving the nest, but this metaphysical momma has some extra ummph up her sleeve.

You can probably guess that some crystals will also be accompanying my daughter on her trip to this new school.  For practical purposes these crystals are safety-pinned into an inner pocket in her backpack.  Perhaps when she is older she will wear a necklace with a crystal or carry some in her pockets – but for now they are safely tucked away in the confines of her bag.

So you may be wondering what crystals I packed for a three year old headed off to preschool.  Which crystals do you use with children?  I have started off rather simple with just three stones which I can then add to as the year passes and I see if she needs support in other ways.

Celestite – angels and telepathy

Celestite is considered one of the “angel” stones – a stone that can help you connect with these higher beings.  I have taught my daughter that if she feels scared she should ask the angels for help and this stone can help with that communication.

Celestite is also known to aid in telepathic abilities.  I have an old piece of celestite that decided to break in half years ago and for some reason I never got rid of it.  This is the perfect situation to use it.  I put one half in her little bag and then I carry the other half in my pocket while she is at school.  I’m hoping this will increase my intuition in case she is in need while I am not there.

img_4983Black Onyx – protection

I use this black oynx for its protective powers.  This isn’t usually my “go-to” stone for protection, but it is what I had sitting around.  I’ll probably take her one day to the local metaphysical store and have her pick out her own protective stone – but we didn’t get to this before the first day of school.  My favorite is black tourmaline, but onyx will do the job as well.

Rose Quartz – friendship

And who couldn’t use a little Rose Quartz when starting a new school.  This stone is a great stone for love and friendships, just what every little girl needs during preschool.  Hopefully this will help her to meet some new friends!

So those are the stones my daughter will be carrying.  I’ll likely add a few stones over the next few weeks or months if her teachers say she needs help in any particular area.  For example if she was shy and not engaging in the classroom I might add a ruby or red jasper.  If she was having trouble speaking up in class I would include a lapis lazuli.

Do your children carry crystals with them?  Do you have any favorite crystals to use with kids?


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