img_6068I’ve been really drawn to work with my first tarot deck recently. Just the standard Rider Waite deck but something about firsts is just intriguing me and drawing my energy right now. Perhaps it is the change in seasons.

So I decided to get out a few of my “first” metaphysical items and reminisce a little. I hope you will join me in this journey.

Holding my first tarot deck is my first tarot bag that I made. It is a pretty simple black drawstring bag that I sewed. I added the signs for the elements in embroidery which gave it a little oomph. When I originally got my deck I felt called to soak it in lavender and some of the herb still remains in the bag. I ended up bottling it so that it wouldn’t spill all over the place.  I think I must have read about putting your deck in the herb in a book somewhere – but it is not very practical to have to shake off little pieces of lavender every time you want to use your tarot deck.

img_6066Before my first tarot deck came my first oracle deck – or would you call it an animal deck?  Whatever it is, I got these Medicine Cards when I was in middle school. I’ve always been deeply connected with animals and these cards drew me in. The little book still contains pieces of paper folded up where I wrote which cards I drew in the spreads. Apparently the Bear energy was very important to me in my formative years.

img_6065Going back a little further I get to my first love, astrology. Here is my first astrology book – The only astrology book you will ever need. Well, it didn’t live up to its title as now I have a couple dozen astrology books. I like how I used my name tag from school as a bookmark. I also have my notes as I did the math to figure out what sign all my planets were in. It would have been easier to use the computer programs and websites they have now to figure all this out instead of doing all these calculations!

And as for crystals, I don’t know where my very first crystals are located. I was one of those kids who would always gravitate toward the rock section in the museum stores and pick out a few. I remember being very drawn to tigers eye and having a special piece that I held dear. I have no clue where this stone is now, probably boxed up in my parents house somewhere.

How about you – What were some of your firsts?  Are you nostalgic about any?  Do you still use any of your original tools?

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