I think self care is important, but for the metaphysician, I think it is vitally important.  Anyone who deals in energy, be they tarot readers, reiki practitioners, witches, shaman, energy healers, psychics, intuitives, empaths – whatever label that appeals to you it all comes down to one thing – we tap into energy.  As such, it is important to learn steps to rid yourself of energy that is no longer helpful or useful.  I know that after a full day of client readings or being surrounded by lots of people all I really want to do is take a shower and get rid of what feels like guck or extra energy that has accumulated on me throughout the day.

So how does one take care of themselves and their energy?  How do we practice mindful self care?  Well, as with everything in this field there are so many different ways and no one way is the magic cure and some you may not even be attracted to.  Here I will let you know my own energy hygiene routine.

salt-scrubGetting rid of “icky” energy with salt

Yep, salt.  Any witch likely knows how important this little substance is. Salt is great at absorbing energy.  One very effective way of riding yourself of that energy pollution that layers your skin after a long day is to use salt on your body to absorb that energy and then wash it down the drain.  Now you can easily use kosher salt for this process (table salt may be too small of grains), but there are so many great salt scrubs on the market today that will leave your energy clean and you smelling fresh.  I currently use a salt scrub infused with lavender essential oils to provide a calming effect with my energy cleanse, but I always like to change it up and try something new.

Get that energy flowing through movement

For any energy worker, some form a movement each day is really important.  Now I’m not talking about running a marathon each day – that would actually be counter productive – I’m talking about letting your body move in ways to unblock any stuck energy.

Think about it, if you just sit in a chair or on a couch all day, that energy building up inside of you doesn’t really have any place to go.  But by moving your body the energy can move too.  I prefer gentle methods such as walking or restorative yoga to keep my body in tune, but any movement works.

If you are stuck behind a desk all day I really recommend taking ten minutes each hour to stand and move.  When I worked as a lawyer the last ten minutes of every hour I would not sit in my chair.  Instead, I would either go to the bathroom or get some tea or even just stand behind my desk while working.  You can always save phone calls or inter-office discussion for this time so you don’t have to scrunch over your computer typing emails.  As a side note, I know there are standing desks and if your office is willing to let you have one great, but not all offices are into that kind of thing.  One of those giant exercise balls that you can sit on and work on ab strength is great too – but I’m not naive – you must work in a pretty great place if your boss or upper management will let you have a standing desk or an exercise ball.

Adding positive energy into the mix with joy 

Such a simple word, joy.  How often do you feel joyful in a day?  So far I have discussed getting rid of energy pollution and moving the energy you do have, now it is time to add a little positive energy into your life.

rose-quartzWhat is one thing that you can do today that will make you smile?  It can be something little like wearing a pretty color of nail polish so that each time you look down you find joy.  Or you could have a special pen or notebook you use that just makes you happy inside.

For me, I find joy in singing.  Now I am no trained professional, heck I am not even that good, but if I am feeling my energy draining or going to a negative place, putting on some music that I can sing (or scream) to is really cathartic.  It also helps if you have young children in your household because who doesn’t receive an energy boost from listening to and singing “If you are happy and you know it”.

Another way I like to add joy into my life is to hold a gentle soothing crystal that just makes me smile.  I am not recommending any particular crystal (although there are some attuned to this) but find one that resonates particularly with you.  For me, it is rose quartz.  Just holding a piece of rose quartz puts the vibration of joy into my life.

What do you do to take care of your energy?  What are some of your favorite self-care routines?  Any good recommendations to keep your energy clear and positive?


  1. I love this post, especially the part about finding your joy. I am an actively grateful person, which I know sometimes annoys those around me. I try to see the positive in a situation and I remind myself (and others–hence the sometimes annoying part) of all the good things going on when it feels like life is ganging up on me. It really helps to keep me going, not just emotionally, but physically too. If I’m feeling depressed, it’s harder to stay motivated and active. Which ties into your second point in todays post about continuing to move. There’s something to be said for endorphin’s and the wonderful way they can make you feel better physically and mentally. But like you also said, don’t overdo it or it’ll have the opposite effect.

    Anyway, great blog entry. YOU have given me joy. =)

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