I went on a road trip this weekend, and, as usual, I packed up my on-the-go tools to bring with me.  I love seeing all the small ritual kits people make and put in old Altoid boxes so I thought I would share my tools of the trade for when I do readings away from home.

So I don’t have an Altoid tin – although I thought about using one, I like my little pouch for my tools and it seems to work just fine.  Now I have no clue where this pouch comes from or what came in it – my mother gave it to me years ago and I don’t remember the reason.  What I do know is that it fits my ritual tools perfectly.  img_6506

There are four small inner pockets that surround a bigger middle pocket.  I put representations of each of the elements in the small pockets – a tea candle for fire, a seashell for water, a crystal for earth and a small incense stick for air.  I use these just as representations and do not light the candle or the incense so I never need to replace them.

In the center pocket I put a little statute of Hotei also known as the laughing buddha.  Hotei is considered a patron of fortune tellers and thus good luck to have watching over your divination practice.  I have a larger statute of Hotei that was gifted to me by a very dear friend (who also reads this blog – Hi Caitlin!) which sits on overlooking my desk in my home office where the majority of my divination takes place.  And if you want to get yourself your own mini version of Hotei – I picked this one up at Barnes and Noble and he came with the small incense sticks that I use in my kit as well.

img_6505Also located in the center pocket of my little bundle, I put my beloved pendulum which I’ve had since I was in middle school.  Again I believe this was a gift from my mother, but I don’t think she really understood what it was at the time, just thinking it was a pretty necklace.  This guy works great and is the only pendulum I ever use – especially when looking for lost tv changers.

Other than my little pouch I also carry a piece of selenite that I received from the generous and amazingly talented Benebell Wen in an Instagram/twitter challenge she held.  This little guy is pretty powerful and I take him out whenever I am doing a reading to clear the energy in the space.

And of course, I also take with me my favorite deck of tarot cards.  My preferences for decks change regularly, but right now I am on a classic kick.  I am also loving this tarot bag that I was sent from CuttingEdgeDesign Company when I placed an order from their site.  They are local to me which appealed to my love of shopping locally and they carry some pretty amazing spiritual and witchy items.

img_6548So now I have my representations of the elements, my selenite piece and my tarot cards.  The only thing that is left is some extra crystals.  I usually have a piece or two with my tarot cards and then I will grab some extra pocket stones for the road in anticipation of what energies I will encounter.

Usually I will take all of these items in my purse or another bag, but I love using this “Witch on the Go’ bag to gather everything together in.  I got this off of Amazon in a witches “Starter kit” years ago, but it doesn’t look like they have the same kit anymore.

So how about you – Do you have a traveling divination or ritual kit?  What tools do you take with you when you travel? 

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  1. Hello. =)

    The tools I take with me aren’t quite as symbolic, but they help to give me peace of mind and comfort. I travel with band-aids, some kind of lip moisturizer, and pictures of my loved ones almost everywhere I go. I typically have food (and often chocolate) on hand too, as well as my trusty water bottle. I’ve carried the same water bottle for over 8 years now, and the one I used before that lasted five years (don’t worry, both are/were washed regularly). So there’s nothing mystical about my ritual side bag items, but they definitely provide me with a readiness to travel, wherever that might be.


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