So how does one be a mystic in this modern era?  It would be so easy to just go to a temple on a far away mountain and meditate the hours away – but that isn’t realistic or feasible for most of us.  So how does one connect with their inner mysticism while getting the kids to school on time and taking out the trash?

Here is my own personal guide for finding time to be a mystic and live in the real world all at the same time


How many times have you heard that you should be meditating?  I mean, even doctors and teachers are recommending this ancient practice as a way to calm the mind.  Even Daniel Tiger tells toddlers that when the feel mad that should “take a deep breath and count to four”.

Needless to say that meditation has gone mainstream, but how do we find time in our busy lives to meditate?  I first started my meditation practice my freshman year of college.  There it was so easy to wake up a little early, set the microwave timer in my dorm room for 30 mins, get comfy and be still.  It also helped that my roommate had an early morning class that she never missed.

But nowadays, that just isn’t going to happen. On the days when I can’t find 30 extra minutes to mediate in peace I find other ways to still my mind.  Some of my favorite times to meditate are in the carpool pickup line or while waiting for my elderly dog to do his business outside.  These short five to ten minutes time periods have the ability to refresh your mind.  So instead of spending those five minutes checking in on what your BFF from high school was doing on Saturday on Facebook, how about spending some time now in the present moment just calmly listening to your breadth.

Self Care

Yeah, you can probably tell how much I believe in self care.  I mean, I’ve already written a whole blog post on it.  One thing that I hear over and over again though is the complaint that there isn’t enough time for self care.  Over the summer I went to a conference which brought together parents and kids with the specific condition my daughter has.  At this conference, one of the breakout sessions was for mothers of these special needs children to come together and talk about self care.  I was excited to attend this session as I was hoping for some new tips and tricks.  Not so much.  Instead the whole hour was spent with mothers complaining about how they never have enough time to take care of themselves.  Now don’t get me wrong, I get it.  But I also think there is plenty of time if you can find a way to use it wisely.

Basically, I believe you can always find time for some energetic self care.  I mean, it takes about thirty seconds to use a salt scrub in the shower or a minute to do a nice grounding meditation.  You could easily put on some Daniel Tiger for your little ones and get those energetic shields up and ready to go.


Have you guys noticed how we never seem to be outside anymore?  I am so guilty of this as well.  We used to take thirty minute family walks regularly but now there never seems to be the motivation to get up and get going.

img_6751But you know what, for some of us nature and being in that nature is vitally important.  It helps us get connected with a sense of who we are.  In this busy age getting into nature may be as simple as opening up the blinds on your window.  I know, not perfect, but it is something.  Just take five minutes to look outside and see the beauty that is earth.

Don’t have time for that, how about take those five minutes while you are driving.  Look up at the night sky and just let the wonder of the moon fill you with joy.  Turn off the music, roll down the window and just look (of course don’t forget to look at the road and traffic and all that stuff too – we don’t want you getting in an accident and having to admit you were distracted by the moon!).

Tune in 

Just being present with yourself and your life can make a big impact as well.  When you are “tuned in” you are more likely to see signs from your guides and loved ones that you might otherwise miss.  One of my guides likes to send me song lyrics and if my mind isn’t calm or I’m distracted, I can easily miss this guidance.

Some other common signs that people get are repeating of numbers where ever they look or coins found in random places.  I find pennies pop up more frequently when I am about to go through a major life or spiritual transition.  A little way for those on the other side to say they are there for you and watching.

Tuning in and being aware opens you up to your guides and their communication with you in ways that you will easily miss if you are distracted.  And this is something that doesn’t take any time, it just takes willpower.

So how about you – what would you add to this list?  How do you be a mystic in this modern day?

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  1. Practice gratitude and kindness. This ties in to appreciating nature and living in the moment, but I think it also merits its own mentioning.


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