img_6866We all have them.  Some you remember, some fade away the moment your feet touch your bedroom floor.  For centuries people have pondered the meaning of dreams and what omens or insights they can provide.

I am a huge believer in dreams and their ability to give us insight into our unconscious.  I believe dreams are a way for our guides and those on the other side to provide direction and information to us in a way our waking mind wouldn’t comprehend.

Sometimes with dreams, however, it helps to have an outsider’s prospective to see if your waking emotions and ideas are blocking or getting in the way of what guidance you are receiving.  With that in mind, I have decided to offer a dream interpretation service now through my Etsy shop.  With this I will break down your dream and analyze each part and symbol, then provide a custom tarot reading to flush out any details.  I’m offering this at the low introductory rate of $7.77 as a service to my followers.

A little about my dream interpretation background.  I follow a Jungian style interpretation process and disregard most Freudian ideology – come on, not everything is related to sex (some sex dreams aren’t even about sex but about integrating two parts of yourself – now that is something to think about)!  My favorite dream interpreter is Dr. Michael Lennox and I’ve followed his work for years after finding his podcast on Unity radio.  I’ve had powerful dreams that have rocked me to the core and everyday dreams that are the result of mental processing – just like almost everyone has.

img_6893My favorite dream symbol is that of modes transportation – cars, bikes, airplanes – that sort of thing.  When you dream that you are driving in a car, it is your subconscious alerting you to the fact that you are in the process of shifting states of consciousness.  Think about it – what is a car’s purpose – to get your from one place to another.  This car is taking you from one way of thinking and brining you to another way of thinking.

Then add in all the details – the color of the car may be of importance, how fast it is going, is it a leisurely ride or are you being chased?  All these seemingly insignificant facts can help to flush out the meaning behind a dream.

Just a few nights ago I had a dream that I was in a race car driving super fast – so fast that the purpose or reason behind being in that race car was to scare me into getting rid of my fears or blocks.  This was my higher self telling me that I am currently shifting consciousness at a high rate of speed and although it may be scary, there is really nothing to fear.

So how about you – have you had a dream about a mode of transportation recently?  Are you interested in getting your dream interpreted?


  1. I dream every night, some are disturbing and i can’t make sense of most of them. I pick up on the numbers in the dreams and sometimes saints or angels pop up, and I have a lot about modes of transportation also, which I can kind of work out but not completely. I would love to have some dreams interpreted!

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    1. Your dream life sounds pretty intense and interesting! I am looking forward to hearing more about it. I know sometimes I get worn out just trying to keep up with all the dreams that can pop up in one night!


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