General Energy: 7 of Pentacles

img_6948The 7 of pentacles is a card of waiting for what you have planted to grow and come to fruition.  The seeds have been cared for and the effort has been put in, but now you are left patiently awaiting that moment when your hard work actually ripens and manifests in the physical world.

December is the end of the calendar year.  Collectively, most of the world feels a sense of endings this month, even if it doesn’t correspond to the end of the specific type of year you follow.  You may take this time to look back on those resolutions you made at the beginning of the year and see how far you have come.

You may be feeling a little dejected around this time because what you wanted to happen hasn’t actually occurred yet – maybe you didn’t loose those fifty pounds you were hoping for or your goal to meditate everyday wasn’t successful.  Now turn it around.  Look at what you have accomplished this year.  So what if you didn’t loose all the weight you wanted to, maybe you lost twenty pounds or purchased a gym membership and you meditated at least two days of every week- look at those little steps you have taken.

The General energy of this month is one of still waiting, of still being patient.  What you want to see isn’t necessarily going to happen this month, but put down those seeds so that it can manifest in the New Year.

Work/Career: The Hanged Man Reversed

img_6949The Hanged Man upright is generally a card of meditating, of waiting.  When this card comes up reversed it is time to stop thinking so much and to start taking action.

Interesting that this card is coming up telling us to take action after the general energy is telling us to be patient.  But what this is highlighting is that your goals may not manifest right away, however you should still takes steps to make that goal a reality, especially in your work and career.

In particular, I am being drawn to the yellow halo around the head of this figure – which is telling me that you need to shine your light at work.  Perhaps you are waiting to see what sort of bonus you will be up for this month – you need to make sure you are seen so that your boss will know that you deserve a bonus.  Show the work you have been doing, leave your office door open so others can see you are hard at work – be seen.

Money/Finance: Temperance

img_6950Temperance is all about balance.  Not doing too much or too little of any one thing.  How appropriate that this card comes up during a month full of holidays.  No matter what you celebrate you may find yourself spending a little more than you normally would during any other month.

The energy is telling us to watch that spending.  Don’t be a scrooge and buy nothing, but also don’t spend money you do not have on material possessions no one needs.  Find that happy balance between consumerism and monasticism.

I am drawn to the sun in the back left of this card which is taking me back to the hanged man reversed.  Perhaps what gift you can give that will be cherished the most is that of your light, your presence with loved ones instead of the presents you bring them – but still get them something, just not something too extravagant!

Love: 5 of Pentacles Reversed

img_6951This card upright is one of poverty, of being left out in the cold.  Here you see two beggars making there way through a snowy scene with a church in the background.  When this card comes up reversed the church doors open and love and warmth is found.

In the Love field this month you will find some warmth.  This may not mean a new relationship for those that are single, more of a sense of love from family and friends.  For those who have partners look at the family you have created with them and bask in the warmth of love they provide.

That warmth of love is everywhere this month and you can take advantage of it.  You can literally go into a church and be filled with love or you can even find it in department stores this month.  Get in, connect, feel that love and warmth.

Family: King of Cups

img_6952The King of Cups is a man in charge of his emotions.  This can represent an actually man, someone who is older and established, perhaps a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) or someone who is confident in his emotions and spirituality.  This card can also represent a quality of being in control of your emotions.

What this card is showing is that even though the outside world may be a crazy place right now – look at those rough waters behind the king – emotions are going everywhere this month – in your family life, you can be that calm, cool, collected figure who feels the emotions but does not let them overtake him.

I am being drawn to the king’s foot in this card.  One foot is directed toward the front, almost toughing the water.  You shouldn’t be naive about what is happening around you, but you also don’t need to become overly involved in it either.  Listen to the news and media, but not all day long and only to get some information, then shut it off.  Disconnect and become in tune with how you really are feeling, not how the strangers and media around you feels.

Spirituality: 4 of Cups Reversed

img_6953The four of Cups Reversed is a card that represents breakthroughs to me.  This is my “ah ha” card as in – I finally get what someone is trying to tell me, that math problem finally makes sense kind of way.

This month in your spirituality you may experience a breakthrough.  Perhaps something you have been working on for awhile will finally come through or you will now see what was in front of you all along.  Keep your physical and spiritual eyes and ears open and listening.  Those signs you have been waiting for are ready to appear.

I am being drawn to the blue background in this card.  Blue represents the throat chakra and communication.  Pay attention both to your thoughts and your physical environment. Someone may be trying to get a message to you.  Your angels may be near – look for those white feathers.

Advice: 3 of Cups Reversed

img_6955For me, when the three of cups comes up reversed it is about connecting with those loved ones that are departed.  This is my mediumship card, the card of those that have crossed over.

This month take time to remember all those in your life that have crossed over.  Send them some love.  Also remember to spend some time in stillness and listen, because they just may be trying to tell you something.

That blue background is echoing back to me from the previous card along with the red dress of the woman in the middle.  Remember, in order to “hear” and “see” clearly you must first make sure you are grounded in the physical reality.

Jumper: King of Wands

img_6954A Jumper card is one that flies (literally sometimes) out of the deck while you are shuffling.  This is a card that wants to be seen and isn’t going to wait for you to lay down the cards.

This month the King of Wands came up as a jumper card.  This is telling us that we need to remain firm and strong in our passions and desires this month.  Don’t let other people or events get in the way of what you really want to get done and who you really are.  Be who you are.  Be that authentic you.

I know just how difficult it is to be authentic and yourself when you are around other people, particularly family.  With holidays this month you may find yourself in one too many gatherings.  Try to take a moment and check in with yourself – make sure you are doing what is true to who you want to be, who you know you are in the inside.  Take a few minutes and excuse yourself to go to the bathroom.  Breath in and out a few times and reconnect with that inner you.  Say hello to yourself.

Putting it all together

This month we have no cards from the suit of swords coming up which shows us that this is not a month about learning new things or delving into deep intellectual discussions.  Instead, three cards from the suit of cups came up showing that this month is all about making those emotional connections with those around you.  Take time each day to connect with someone.  To say hi or to smile.  Be that light, that warmth for others around you.

Two king cards came up this month as well, showing that we will feel in control.  Our world we live in now may be crazy and in chaos, but our inner world, our family and friends, there we will find stability and calm.

Overall, we may be tempted to feel a sense of “ugh” this month.  Like we didn’t succeed in our goals and the world is a crazy place now compared to just one year ago.  But don’t let that get you down.  Look at all the steps you have made and can make in your personal life.  The small steps and actions that can light up your world and then spread to those around you.  Be that light for your friends and family.

Empowerment Actions:

I always like to include some metaphysical steps you can take in your life to move forward with the energy of the upcoming month.  This month I am recommending the mantra from Dory in Finding Nemo “Just keep swimming.”  Say this whenever you feel like life is getting you down, because if you just keep going you will find that love is there, and truly that is the only thing you need.

If you are interested and drawn to crystals, this month I am recommending those in the light blue category – your celestite and angelite.  Those that help connect you to the angelic realm and light beings.  Hold these stones in meditation this month and help your light shine bright!

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