img_7202Have you ever dreamt that you were in a house?  An apartment?  Maybe even a hotel?  What does this mean?  Can houses and places where we live represent something in a dreamers landscape?

In my dream interpretation style, houses play a large role.  They signify the self, your personal self.  Think about it.  What do we do in houses?  We live in them, sometimes work in them, spend a good majority of our time in them.  We decorate them so that they become reflections of who we are, we sit in them, stand in them, do most of our daily activities in them.  With so much time in this modern era spent in houses, they have taken on the form of being identified as your self in our collective consciousness.  They are what we let others see of who we are.

But where do we go from there?  You dreamt of a house and you looked up the meaning in a dream dictionary and found that it means your self or self-perception.  Now what?

Let us use a made-up dream to explore further how to analyze the symbolism involved in dreaming of houses and see how important this imagery can be in your dream world.  Pretend we dreamt of an old victorian house with pieces of its facade starting to fall in disrepair.  The dream takes place in this house’s kitchen where we are in an argument with our fifth grade teacher about whether or not we studied for the test we just flunked.

Okay, so now let us dissect this dream and see where it leads us.  First look at the outside structure of the house.  This is an “old victorian house” which seems to be falling down.  So in this dream we are seeing ourselves in a state of change, as a version of ourselves that is starting to crumble and fall away – our self perception is that of taking away how we and others view ourselves.

Now this scene takes place in the kitchen.  Think about what the kitchen has symbolized for many years.  It is where the hearth was, the heart of the house.  This is where you invite others and give something of yourself – you give a cup of tea or coffee.  This is effectively your heart space.

So now we see that we are dreaming about our old perceptions of ourself that has to do with our heart center and how we feel slowly starting to crumble.  Like we have some outdated emotions and perceptions that involve our feelings and they are changing, crumbling down – perhaps our sense of who we are and how we love is changing and evolving, like maybe there was a block to being abel to love with our full heart that is being removed.

This is when you can get even more specific and look at the scene that is taking place in this kitchen – analyzing your feelings about your fifth grade teacher and what emotions are brought up (I will show you how to interpret the messages of different people showing up in your dreams in a later blog post – hint this has nothing to do with your fifth grade teacher).  But even before you get to that point, you already know the basis of what this dream is about just by analyzing the house that the dream is taking place in.

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So have you ever dreamed of a house?  What did that dream mean to you? 

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