So, my mom told me the other day  that she had just bought a tarot book (hello dad! You can show this to mom if you want to).  This is coming from someone who is a retired lawyer and is pretty skeptical in all things metaphysical.  But, she bought the book so she could understand a little more about what I do…and because it was only 99 cents.

I did not know the author or anything about the book, but she put forth some effort and tried, so I think that is pretty cool.  But then I got to thinking, what book would I actually recommend to her.  I have some favorites and some that I think are okay for me, but could be great for another person, so I thought I would create a list based on different people’s personalities.

img_7259Not everyone wants to wade through 800 pages of Benebell Wen’s Holistic Tarot, but also some people may not care for learning tarot by coloring with Theresa Reed’s The Tarot Coloring book.  Everyone has different tastes and interests and we are lucky that there are a variety of books on the market for all those different personalities!

And of course, this is not an exhaustive listing by any means – and strictly Rider Waite based, no Thoth here (sorry).  I probably left your favorite off this list, by why don’t you tell me what your favorite is and why in the comments so other people will know too!

img_7256The Purist

For the purist at heart, why not start at the source with The Pictorial Key to the Tarot written by Waite himself.  You can get a copy in print, but, because of its age, it is also available for free online – oh, but you are a purist, it may be best for you to just pick up a print copy.

For those who have been in the tarot world longer than I have been incarnate on this earth, they will likely remember these classic tarot books which were some of the few around “back in the day” – A complete guide to the Tarot by Eden Gray and Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom by Rachel Pollack.  If you want to learn tarot how those before you learned, check out these books.

I’m Super Impatient, just let me get started!!

img_7257Now, if you are impatient and don’t want to spend your time going through pages and pages of information, how about just using the Little White Book or the guidebooks that come with the decks.  I have found some better than others, but if you just want to start practicing, just use the book that came with the deck and lay those cards out.  Or, even better, get rid of all books and just let your intuition be your guide!

Social Media Savvy

img_7260If you like following your favorite Tarot “celebrities” on their instagram or twitter accounts, why not check out their books as well.  Youtube’s Angelo Nasios released his book Tarot: Unlocking the Arcana this year.  You can also pick up a copy of my favorite tarot celebrity Theresa Reed’s The Tarot Coloring Book and then go to her website for some fun ways to “bling” the book out!

And let us not forget our favorite book funded by kickstarter – Tarot Fundamentals.  With this book you get an actual textbook that will harken you back to your childhood, but it was funded by a kickstarter campaign so it has the “cool” value as well.

Taroists just want to have fun

img_7258Now, if you are into tarot because your best friend just got their own The Wild Unknown deck and your mom doesn’t want you to have a tarot deck but you snuck out and got yourself a Rider Waite without her knowing, why not check out Dusty White’s The Easiest Way to Learn Tarot Ever!! This book has tons and tons of exercises for you to do with your friend so you both can learn how the tarot works together.

And, if you want to have fun, why don’t I recommend Theresa Reed’s The Tarot Coloring Book again.  Yeah, I have a little tarot crush on this superstar.  I also love her short and to the point explanations of each card – which happen to correspond beautifully with my own personal interpretations.  If you don’t want to read tons of text, her book is super simple and it is fun!

The nerd

img_7261For those nerds out there, I know you are there just wanting a book that will take you more than a few days to devour.  Well, you are in luck!  Benebell Wen’s Holistic Tarot clocks in at over 800 pages.  If you can get through this behemoth in two days or less call me impressed!  But other than its page length, this tome is filled with gems that any tarot enthusiast from novice to pro can find some value in.  This book is sure to become a “classic” in no time as it is just that good.

So what did I miss?  What favorite book of yours did I leave out and who would it be suited for?  What book would you recommend to by mother?

***None of the links are affiliate links so I don’t care if you click on them or not.  They would be if the state I live in would allow me to profit off them, but it doesn’t so I don’t.  I put amazon links in strictly for your convenience***

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