Here is your Seven Cups Forecast for the month of January 2017.  This reading is set with the intention that it is applicable for all those who read this blogpost.

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General Energy: The Moon

The Moon is all about those things that we keep hidden from ourselves and from others.  The Moon can also serve to distort our perception of reality.  Just think of what a forest trail looks like with only a moon to light the way.  A tree branch may become many things in your imaginative mind during the nighttime.

The General Energy this month is all about the things that we keep hidden.  I am feeling that this card relates to us personally and on a collective global scale.  Personally, this may be the month to keep those inner parts of yourself hidden from others – don’t spill your guts to your crush at work this month or tell your mother you are a witch.  Wait for better timing.  Collectively I feel that there is also a piece of the puzzle that is missing or distorted.  We may get caught up in the media and hysteria of global events, but there is some fact or information that we don’t have quite right or which we are not meant to know at this time.

I am very drawn to the mountains in the background of this card which are reminding me of waves.  There may be some emotional mountains and hurdles that we will face in the coming weeks and we need to prepare ourselves by not exposing too much of who we are.  It is okay to keep a part of yourself private.

Work/Career: King of Cups Reversed

The King of Cups may stand for a person in your life, an older married or established man who is possibly a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), or it can relate to characteristics.  This card is coming up reversed so we are looking at someone who is overly emotional, perhaps not even realizing that they are in control of their emotions.  To me I am feeling the energy of a Pisces Moon – that individual who can become easily obsessed or addicted but is also easily swayed and influenced by the emotions of those around them.

So what does this mean for our work and career outlook.  Watch out for someone who matches this description playing a large role in your work life this month.  If this sounds like your boss or supervisor perhaps work on shielding yourself energetically and making sure their emotions are not influencing you too much.  Also watch out that this isn’t you – are you taking on the emotions of your co-workers and not even realizing it?  Watch yourself and see if you suddenly get upset when those around you are grumpy.  Is that how you really feel?

I am drawn to the cup in this image and the idea of a coffee cup – like taking a break at work.  Watch your break times.  If this is where you are absorbing your colleagues emotions perhaps it may be time to spend a few minutes in meditation instead of taking that extra trip to the coffee pot.  Create a calm and centered work environment to the best of your abilities.

Money/Finance: The Emperor Reversed

The Emperor is all about structure and order.  When things are going smoothly he is a gentle and calm ruler.  But when things go wrong, he will let himself be known.  Now reverse this energy.  We are talking about the energy of going against the grain, or not playing by the rules instead make your own rules.

This could be really great or really horrible advice, but you may want to consider creating your own budget this year that doesn’t necessarily “play by the rules”.  So what if accountants typically say to invest X amount of money, if that doesn’t make you comfortable, don’t do it.  Do what makes the most sense for how you live.  Now, please note that I have no financial background whatsoever so take what I say with that skeptical grain of salt.

I am drawn right to the arm of the Emperor which is holding his staff.  The colors are all mixes of blues and greens.  Watch your emotions and your money this month, don’t let them get too entangled.  Money can be an emotional substance, but don’t let it take hold of you.  Try to disentangle your true feelings with those that are wrapped up in your cultural beliefs about money.

Love: Ace of Cups

The Ace cards in the tarot all represent something new or the potential of something new.  The suit of cups is about emotions and spirituality.  Put those together and you have some new emotions popping up.

This month shows the potential for new romances coming in.  If you are single, make sure to get yourself out in public and be seen.  There could be someone new coming your way, but in order for this to happen you cannot just spend your nights in front of the tv binge watching old episodes of Gilmore Girls. Get out and be seen!  And for those who have partners you may feel some of these new emotions this month.  Maybe your partner compliments your new hairdo or writes you a poem that makes you feel special.  Also take this opportunity to give as well as receive.  Pay your partner a compliment or write them a poem.

I am drawn to the bird holding the circle in this image.  Like these new emotions are going to be stored for later.  Let these emotions run through you and remember them for  a time when you are feeling down.  Perhaps writing them down in a journal or diary or even just on a post-it note so that you can find it later when you aren’t feeling so much love.  Let this month be stored as a reminder for the months to come.

Family: Eight of Pentacles

The Eight of Pentacles is all about hard work.  Look at all those pentacles this man has already hammered out by hand.  There are no machines or assembly lines here, this is all handmade material.

You may need to work on repairing some relationships with your family members this month.  Whatever energies were present during the holidays may have left things a little touch and go.  Spend this month working to get things back on track.  Take your mom out to lunch.  Call up your sister and take her out for cocktails.  Repair, repair, repair.

Look at that little road that leads to the castle in the background of this image.  If we put in the effort now, we may be rewarded later.  Now this isn’t necessarily a monetary reward – if you apologize to great aunt Berta I’m not saying she is going to leave you everything in her will.  Instead, this is all about you becoming a better person and learning more about who you are.  Our family is one of our greatest teachers so thank them for all the lessons they have brought to you.

Spirituality: King of Pentacles

Here we see the King of Pentacles, a man that is in charge of his physical and material realm.  Who has his finances in order and is in control of everything he sees.

Your spiritual life is looking pretty good this month.  But now it is all about taking those abstract spiritual lessons you are learning and putting them into everyday use.  Perhaps you decided to start A Course in Miracles this month.  Now take those lessons you are learning and put them into practice in your day to day life.  Make your everyday, material, practical life into a place where your spirituality shines brightly.

That foot that is stepping on a pedestal is telling me that it is time for you to “level up”.  Take that next step in your spiritual practice that you have been thinking about and agonizing over for days or weeks or even months.  Stop thinking and just do.  Read the book The Untethered Soul that sits on your nightstand barely opened.  Take time to meditate everyday if that is something that appeals to you. Just physically do something that has been in your head.

Advice: 5 of Pentacles 

This card is about that sense of not having enough.  Of being left out in the cold to fend for yourself when you are already battered and bruised.  But look at that church window behind them, just beckoning them to come in and feel the warmth.

Your advice this month is to see the Love that is all around you.  Look at the love and energy emanating out of those church windows.  Look at those people – there are two of them, they are not alone.  Wherever you go you can find love.  Whether it is the love that comes from a tree providing you with the oxygen you need to survive or the love of your dog when he greats you at the door.

I am drawn to the snow in this card and the little specks of white all around.  This is the love.  The love is within everything.  We are all made of love.  Can you see that love in another person?  Can you see that love in the person you don’t care for?  Look for that love.

Putting it all together 

Look at the suits showing up in this reading, there are three pentacles, two cups and two major arcana cards.  This month is all about work and emotions.  Sometimes these two things may become entangled.  It is up to you to find a way to balance them both.

Now look at the suits that are missing.  There are no swords or wands showing up this month.  This is not the month you are suddenly going to have great intellectual conversations or find that new hobby you have been waiting to discover.  You don’t need to learn anything new this month, all the information is already before you.

There are also two king cards showing up and the Emperor.  That is a lot of masculine energy.  You may feel this masculine energy in your environment this month, particularly in the news and on social media.  There will just be a heavy yang energy present.

Empowerment actions

With all the masculine energy present this month you may feel the need to balance it out with yin or feminine energy of your own.  If you are interested in crystals some moonstone or rose quartz would be beneficial to work with.

You may also want to spend some time each day working on sending love out into the world.  A solid Loving Kindness meditation would be beneficial for this.  There are many examples available for free online if you do not have a practice of your own.

If mantra’s appeal to you, I would recommend saying “I love, I am loved, I am Love” whenever you feel the energy around you is too intense.  Also remember to take time to ground and shield yourself daily to keep outside energies from having too much influence over you.

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