I LOVE podcasts.  You can listen to them while doing dishes, picking up toys or even while waiting to pick up the kiddo in the carpool lane – there is something that just makes chores more enjoyable when you have something fun to listen to.  Podcasts are usually not too long and if you don’t like the topic that week you can always just delete the podcast.  Oh, and they are free!

I have listened to a lot of podcasts over the years (how long have they been around anyway?), but there is one that I have consistently listened to for years now.  This is a podcast that I look forward to each week and can count on one hand the number of episodes that were “meh” and deletable.

Okay, so have I hyped this podcast up enough now?  The podcast I am talking about is called Psychic Teachers.  This podcast is run by two amazing teachers, Deb Bowen an older pagan who is a tarot reading queen and Samantha Fey a catholic mother with three girls who is also an amazing psychic and medium.  They each bring their unique perspectives to every show which makes the information they cover diverse and brings different points of view.

Their most recent podcast is about the numerology of the year 2017

They start every show with a crystal, animal and meditation of the week before they get into their main show topic for the week.  If you go back in the itunes archives they also did a tarot card of the week, but once they went through all 78 cards they switched to an animal of the week – I don’t remember the exact date this changed but I believe it was a few years ago.  These little introductions are a great way to easily expand your knowledge of these subjects just a little each week – which, over the years, can really add up.

Then we get to their topic of the week.  Now they have set up a structure of what type of topic they talk about each week.  One week a month with be a tarot archetype another is a “mailbag” show where they answer your questions, that sort of thing.  If you go back into the archives they didn’t always have this sort of structure – I believe this framework they started at the beginning of 2016.

In addition to topics they also have a variety of guests that they occasionally bring on.  One of my favorites is their mutual friend “Joel” who they talk to about crystals.  Joel has made numerous appearances over the years and it is so enjoyable when he is on because you really feel like they are just sitting around the fireplace with their cups of tea having a fun chat.

So if you are looking for a new podcast to check out I would definitely recommend listening to Psychic Teachers.  And if you enjoy “binge listening” to podcasts these guys have you set for hours and hours of enjoyment.  I believe they have filled up their itunes allowed number.

What is your favorite podcast?  Have you even listened to Psychic Teachers?  I am planning on doing another blogpost in the future about my favorite Tarot podcasts – do you have a specific favorite Tarot podcast?


  1. I love Psychic Teachers too! I discovered their podcast last summer and I’ve listened to tons of the back episodes. I always recommend them when someone asks me for my favorite podcasts 🙂

    My other favorites lately are: the Have Company podcast, The Lively Show, and Rob Bell’s podcast.


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