The first chakra we are going to explore in this chakra series  is the root chakra.  This first of the seven major chakras is located at the base of the spine and is seen as a deep red swirling vortex of energy. Yep – picture a big blob of red energy where your booty connects to your chair and that is basically the root charka.


So What is this Root Chakra Really about?

When people talk about the root chakra they generally mention its association with survival.  This is the first chakra we focus on when we are infants.  Think about all the things that a baby is concerned about and you will find a lot of things associated with this chakra. Basic survival needs – food, shelter, warmth – that sort of thing.

The root chakra is also all about grounding or our connection to earth and our physical reality – it is not a coincidence that the element of this chakra is earth.  When we get all caught up “in our head” or thinking about our world instead of living in it, then this chakra can become unbalanced and out of sync.

A lot of us who are interested and focused on the metaphysical world and our connection to the spirit world may want to bypass this chakra and pay more attention to opening and balancing the third eye or crown chakras, but by focusing on our grounding and everyday reality, it actually helps us to form a stronger and deeper connection with our higher selves and, in turn, our spiritual team.  We are incarnate on this earth for a reason – don’t miss out on the actual experience by focusing on an alternate reality instead of the reality that you are meant to experience.

What is the Root of your problem?

When this chakra is out of balance or blocked you may feel flighty and have a hard time focusing on the present moment.  You get that sense of being “high” and you may even bump into walls or furniture because of the lack of connection with your body.  To get this chakra in balance you should practice a grounding technique which can be anything from standing on the ground outside without shoes on to exercising regularly.

So what does it actually look like to have an unbalanced root chakra?  My sister is a great example as she went from being firmly rooted to having her root chakra out of “whack”.  So when she was growing up my sister was a great soccer player.  One of those that plays year round in a variety of leagues – both indoor and outdoor.  During this time she had the most amazing memory (remember exercise is a great grounding technique) and would regularly correct us on what “really” happened two of four years ago.  Now it is a different story.  Instead of playing soccer year round she is the mother of two young children.  She has trouble finding time for any self-care and her great memory has dissolved, especially her short term memory.  She spends most of her day “in her head” planning the future – dinner, naps, where her oldest will go to kindergarten.  This day to day reality does not help out her root chakra which has become closed and blocked because of the anxiety and busyness of raising two small children.

Balancing that Root

There are a lot of different ways to balance your chakras.  For this chakra grounding is my favorite method.  However, just like the other chakras you can use the charka’s color vibrations (red), sounds (Lam) and even crystals to open this chakra.  And, of course, if you know a good energy healer booking yourself a session is a great method.

The crystals  associated with this chakra are those that are red, brown or black in color.  My favorite crystals to work with for the root chakra are ruby, red jasper and black tourmaline.  Some people even like to use petrified wood or stones from the ground to align this chakra.

So how about you – Do you feel grounded?  Is your root chakra balanced? What is your favorite way to open and balance this chakra?

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