Here is your Seven Cups Forecast for the month of February 2017.  This reading is set with the intention that it is applicable for all those who read this blogpost.

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General Energy: Four of Pentacles

Here we see a man holding tight to what he has – to all the money in the world.  He has his hands so full that he has to use his feet and also his head to keep his money under control.  And he is making sure that it isn’t going to roll away from him – no one is going to take it from him.

“Hold on to what you got” – yep, you better keep your possessions close this month.  Do not be going on any big spending sprees or giving your resources away.  This is just not the month for that.  You need to keep what you have protected and safeguarded.  Check the locks each night and make sure the windows are closed.

There is this sense with this card that this blackness is creeping in on your material possessions.  See that cloak that this man wears – it is like a sticky blackness which is coming to take what he has.  But look at this dude – he doesn’t even realize that this cloak of darkness is on him.  You need to make sure you know who you are trusting with the things you value – can you really trust them?  Can you trust yourself to know the difference?

Work/Career: The Moon

The Moon is the card of all things hidden.  This is the card of the mysterious night and all things that go with it.  My favorite analogy to use with this card is the image of a stick at night.  During the day a fallen tree branch is just that – a stick – but at night, with only a moon for light, that branch can become anything – a monster, a snake, a path.

This month there may be something about your work life that is being hidden from you or someone who is deceptive.  The trick with this card is that you don’t know what that thing is until it actually happens and then, in retrospect, you realize what this card was talking about.  Just keep an eye out for things to pop up that you never expected.

I am getting a real sense that this card is talking about people being deceptive to you.  Make sure that work colleague is telling the truth.  Is she really telling the boss that you are putting in most of the hours on this project, or is she taking all the credit?  Watch those around you and don’t take anyone for granted.

Money/Finances: Temperance Reversed

Temperance is the card of ultimate balance.  Whereas the two of pentacles also speaks to balance, this card is talking about a larger balance – that between emotions and the material plane.  Now reverse that energy – the balance is thrown off – instead of teetering in the lake the angel falls in and gets soaked.

Uh, oh…Did you not pay attention to the first card?  Did you go off and spend a bunch of money that you probably shouldn’t have spent?  Your finances this month are a little off balance.  The pendulum is swinging a little too far in one direction – hopefully it isn’t in the red.

I am getting that this card is also speaking of your emotional connection with money this month.  Are you spending too much time worrying and fretting about finances?  Are you spending enough time?  Where is that healthy balance point?  Analyze these questions for yourself and see if your emotional connection with money is healthy one.

Love: The World Reversed

The World is the last card in the major arcana.  This card speaks to the end of a journey – to a completion.  Finally getting that big job done.  But, now we have to reverse this energy again – something is blocking that energy from finishing up.

With Valentine’s day this month love is in the air – well, we hope that it is.  This card is bringing up the idea that something you have been working towards with your partner just isn’t working.  There is a block in the love arena this month.

If you are in the process of leaving a relationship, you may find some roadblocks put in place.  If you are single and ready to mingle, you may find you keep missing that crush, your schedules just don’t match and you can’t lay the groundwork for your relationship this month.  If you are married I am feeling this sense of an argument that you thought you were done discussing, but your partner may still be seething about it.  They may say everything is okay, but deep down there is a small needle that is still pricking their behind.

Family: Nine of Cups Reversed

The nine of cups is the “wish” card in the tarot.  This is the card of all your hopes and dreams actually starting to come true.  Now reverse that wish – ugh, something blocks your wish from actually manifesting like you thought it would.

This month, you family life may seem pretty smooth sailing, but there will be little hiccups here and there that throw the perfection of the month off.  A spouse may forget to tell you that they have a big meeting on family game night or your mom may cancel for lunch.  Just little things that throw the June Clever vibe of the month off a little making it more like Marge Simpson.

I am really drawn to all the blue in the background of this card.  This is telling me that to help this month go smoother it is really important to make sure you are communicating with you family.  Make sure your calendars are synched and there aren’t any forgotten plans that will throw you off.

Spirituality: Eight of Wands Reversed

The eight of wands is the card of action – look how fast those wands are moving through the sky.  I read this as the card of that news you have been waiting for finally coming in.  But we…again…have to reverse this energy.  That news you were waiting for just isn’t going to make it to you this month.

In terms of your spirituality, it may feel like a lackluster month.  You may have trouble just getting to church or meditation class.  The physical act of movement in relation to your spirituality may have some blocks this month – maybe you sprain your ankle and you can’t make it to your yoga class or your car has a flat tire just as you are heading out the door for meditation mondays.

There is also an emotional aspect to these blocks – see that river that is now at the top of this card.  All these delays may make you just want to curl up on the couch and stream netflix all month long.  Here is the thing – can you find the spirituality in chillaxing?  Can you see the element of self care?  Can you find a movie or show that brings joy to your heart?

Advice: Ace of Pentacles

The Aces are the card of new beginnings and possibilities in the tarot.  The suit of pentacles is all about the material realm – finances, work, possessions.  Now put them together.  New possibilities in the material realm.

You advice this month is to try something new.  Sure, this month kinda seems like it may suck a little.  There is all this potential for great things to happen, but little roadblocks keep popping up and blocking the road to happiness.  How about, instead of getting worked up about this, you try something new.  Take a new route to work.  Try a new class at your gym.  Read a book you never thought you would like.

I am drawn to the clouds in this card and this idea of finding the silver lining in every shitty situation.  There is so much possibility for great things to happen this month, you just need to raise your vibrations and work on seeing the positive aspects of every situation.  So you have a flat tire – maybe the tow truck driver is pretty cute and will ask you out on a date.  So your husband forgot to mention the boss and his wife were coming over for dinner – can you pretend you are on a reality cooking show and whip up something fabulous?  Find that silver lining.

Putting it All Together

Looking at this reading as a whole the first thing that pops up are the number of major arcana cards – three in a seven card reading.  This tells us that the month of February may see some bigger picture items popping up.  Major life lessons will be the focus this month – and sometimes those lessons suck – but it is your homework here on earth to learn from each of these situations so that you can evolve into a higher spiritual being.

Also of note, there are no cards from the suit of swords.  The suit of swords is all about intellect and communication.  Maybe all these blocks and roadblocks we are seeing could be solved with just a little communication?  Make sure you are communicating your needs – but also make sure that you are listening.  Remember, communication is a two way street.

So the major theme I am picking up on this month is all about how there is this path in front of you.  You have to first be able to work your way out of any intense emotions you are feeling so that you can be on that journey you are meant to be on.  But guess what – that journey isn’t going to be all flat streets.  This journey in front of you is all about peaks and valleys.  It is about learning to climb those highest mountains and complete those difficult tasks so you can look back and be proud of who you have become.  Can you climb those mountains – those blocks – this month and come out a better person on the other side?

Empowerment Actions 

This month the name of the game is communication – communication – communication.  I am recommending all those stones that are blue in color to activate and balance that throat chakra.  Think lapis lazuli, blue lace agate, celestite, sodalite.  It may be helpful to carry these stones around with you – particularly on days where you see some challenges laying ahead.

In terms of mantras this month – the song lyric keeps popping into my head “You’ve got to hold on to what you got” – this is a great mantra this month for any of those times where you are just feeling yourself loosing it a little bit.  Take a deep breadth and repeat this mantra three or four times.

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