The sacral charka is the second of the seven major chakras and is located just below your belly button.  This chakra vibrates at the orange color frequency.  When you look at the color orange how do you feel?  When you see someone out in public wearing orange what kind of judgments do you immediately make about them?  Are they fun loving spirits or just fashion challenged?

This sacral chakra is also associated with the element of water.  Think about all the different states that water can be in.  When you add heat it starts to boil.  But when water is cold it is frozen in place.  Do your hips move to the beat or are they stiff as a board?

Astrological 5th House – Fun, Creativity and Sex

So why is this chakra called “the fun zone”?  This chakra is all about fun and creativity.  When it is functioning properly you will be living your life with enjoyment in your heart and finding that “sunny side of the street”.

Along with fun this chakra is also the seat of our creativity.  Those creative urges you have likely come from this point.  If you are at all into astrology, I like to think of this chakra as similar to the 5th house.  Those aspects that are associated with the 5th House are normally associated with the sacral chakra as well.  Now this is not, from what I could tell from a quick google search, a widely held belief, just one that I have found helpful.

Now what else is that 5th House associated with?  Sex and babies.  Look where this chakra is located – right by your reproductive organs. Makes sense now doesn’t it!  This swirling vortex of light right over those organs can tell us a lot about the state of that area in your life.

Debbie Downer – Blocked or Closed Sacral Chakra

When the sacral chakra is out of balanced or blocked you may feel like you are stuck in the same boring day to day routine.  Life will just seem blah and grey and you won’t get much enjoyment out of it.  This is that feeling some people get in the middle of winter where they can’t stand another grey day.  Think of that grey day as a blocked sacral chakra.  It just needs some bright shiny orange light to make it smile again.

Other signs that this chakra is not functioning up to par is a lackluster sex life or difficulty getting or staying pregnant.  Sometimes you will see this chakra represented as a frozen ice cube when there is not enough heat and passion there to thaw it out.  Trouble with creativity and writers block can also be symptoms of a non-functioning chakra.

Opening the Doors to Fun

Now with all the things this chakra is associated with, you may be wondering how to get yours functioning to the highest degree possible.  An easy way to help open and balance this chakra is to do something fun!  Dance like no one is watching or go to a movie on a weekday or paint a picture.  Do something that makes you giddy as a child.  The idea is to bring passion into your life and get that water moving freely and not frozen stiff.

If you are interested in crystals, the ones associated with this chakra are the color orange.  My favorites include orange calcite and carnelian.  Wearing the color orange can also help you to raise the vibrations of this chakra.  Try adding orange to your life in fun and creative ways – what about painting your fingernails orange so that every time you look at them you can remember that life is all about fun!

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