Here is your Seven Cups Forecast for the month of March 2017.  This reading is set with the intention that it is applicable for all those who read this blogpost.

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General Energy: Seven of Cups

Ah, the Seven of Cups, the namesake for my company here.  This card is all about decisions.  There are a lot of decisions in front of this man and he has to make a choice.  Some choices look good – look at those jewels! – while some choices are a little more sinister – umm, hello dragon.  Which choice will he make?  One thing is for certain, there is a cloud obscuring the options so when he thinks he is picking something wonderful, it may end up being a dud.

The General Energy for March 2017 is one of choices.  You will be faced with many choices in the different areas of your life and it may be difficult to make a decision.  You will feel this need to weigh out all the options, but even with all that effort, your “right choice” may turn out to be the wrong one.

My eyes go right towards that snake in the upper right hand cup.  Really watch out for the repercussions of your choices.  There may be a snake attached to that juicy apple.  Examine the issue from all sides before coming up with a conclusion.  And if all else fails – stall.  See if you can put off making the decision until all the truths and facts are known.

Work/Career: King of Cups

Here sits the mighty King of Emotions.  This King, like all the court cards in the tarot, can either stand for an energy or a person – or sometimes both.  As a person this King is an older emotionally stable man that is possibly a water sign (scorpio, pisces, cancer).  As an energy this card speaks of having great control over your emotions.  This King can hang his foot close to the stormy waters without being thrown off balance.

Your work life seems pretty good this month.  Things are stable and you are in control.  Any emotional waters around you won’t phase you much as you will be able to draw back into your world and not let your external world effect you.  If you have a male boss you might see that his emotions are a little more stable this month as well.  He may not scold the employees as much and may work to see everyone’s viewpoints.

Look at that little red ship just behind the King.  In order for you to keep this steady state you need to remember to stay grounded.  Don’t let your co-workers get in your head.  Stay in your own space.  I see you retreating to your cozy cave-like office or cubicle and then going on leisurely walks at lunch time.  Stay grounded and everything will work out wonderfully.

Money/Finances: Judgment Reversed

The Judgment card is the card of hearing a calling.  Now reverse that energy.  Are you not hearing something someone is trying to tell you? Look at those people rising from the grave.  If they didn’t listen to that angel blowing his horn they would not know that it was time to act.

This month I feel a continuation of the energy of imbalance we saw come up last month.  This is you being stubborn and not listening to that financial advice.  Maybe your parents told you to open that Roth IRA and you just didn’t listen.  Or maybe your guides keep sending you messages not to invest your money in your sister’s new start-up but you do anyway and loose everything when she flakes and goes to Cabo.  Keep those ears open so you can hear that good advice when it comes to you.

Look at those mountains in the background of this card.  I get the feeling that money will ebb and flow this month.  At some parts of the month you will feel like a millionaire, but then you will realize that you need to pay your taxes and all that money will just flow away.  Just be aware of this ebb and flow and be prepared by keeping a little extra savings tucked away for those lean weeks.

Love: Ten of Wands Reversed

In this card you see a man carrying a bunch of sticks towards that house.  You know what, that is a lot of hard work!  But guess what – now he has made it to the house and dropped all those sticks off and he can finally relax.

Your love life this month looks pretty good.  There is this energy of having a burden lifted off your shoulders.  If you are married or in a committed relationship, perhaps you got in an argument with your partner and now things are starting to smooth over and you can see why you fell in love with them again.  If you are single and looking to mingle you may actually get asked on a date after you have put all that hard work in to convince your crush that you are the right one.  If you put the effort in, you should see some payoff this month.

“These boots are made for walking” – get out of the house with your loved one.  Spend some time outdoors hiking or just walking around your neighborhood this month.  If the weather isn’t great go for a long walk in an indoor shopping mall.  You want to find some way to be active with your loved one this month.  I was going to suggest asking your date out for a moonlit stroll –  but maybe make sure you know them well enough and don’t suggest that for a first date for some guy you met on the internet.  Safety first and all.

Family: The Magician Reversed

The Magician card is labeled number 1 in the tarot (it is actually the second card after The Fool).  This card speaks of manifesting things into reality.  Now reverse that energy, something you are working on manifesting may not turn out the way you expected this month.

In your family life you may see some well set plans fall apart.  For those of you who have families that go on spring break, your plane may get delayed or the great vacation may end up not being what you planned.  There is just this sense that your plans are not going to work out quite as you had pictured them in your head.

Look at the lemniscate (infinity sign) above the Magician’s head.  It is like the saying “what goes around comes around” – there is some karmic aspect to this month with your family.  Like maybe the vacation didn’t go as planned because you sabotaged it in some way – maybe you were mean to the staff of the hotel at check in and then they made sure to give you the room next to the ice maker.  That is the sort of energy that is popping up to make your manifestations for your family life a little off.

Spirituality: King of Swords Reversed

Here we have another King showing up.  As an person this would be an older male who comes off as a little mean, maybe making snide remarks here and there, and who is possible and air sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius).  As an energy this speaks to fierce communication which is harsh and unforgiving.

What an interesting card to come up in the spot of Spirituality.  I am getting that this card is referring more to a person than just a general energy.  Make sure your spiritual leader is coming from a place of kindness and love and not a fear based mentality.  Don’t take everything they say without checking it out yourself.

Look at those two birds in the background – if this spiritual person is not saying what you need to hear, maybe it is time to leave the nest and find someone else.  This can also refer to reading books – if a spiritual book just isn’t sitting right for you, even if everyone says this guy is the modern guru, it is okay to disagree and say that their teachings are just not for you.

Advice: Wheel of Fortune Reversed

Look at that Wheel of Fortune spinning away.  But now we reversed it – the turnings of fate have stopped and need a little push to get them started again.  Think of the tv show “Wheel of Fortune” that wheel doesn’t spin on its own – first you have to get a letter right and then spin the wheel – fate can’t work without some help on your part.

Interestingly, this card has come up reversed a number of times this past week for me in readings for clients.  I take notice when a card does this – it means there is a great lesson to be learned.  Here, the advice that is coming up is that you can’t just sit back and think everything is going to work out perfectly.  You can’t create a vision board at the beginning of the year and stare at it for 15 minutes a day and then think it will all come true.  You need to work towards those goals.  You need to take some action yourself to make those dreams come true.  You aren’t going to find that handsome boyfriend by sitting on the couch looking at the cute movie star’s picture you cut out and posted on your vision board.  You have to actively go out and find them.  The universe will assist you – they will send Mr. Handsome your way – but first you need to go to that coffee shop and order that latte and then spill it on his computer.  You get what I’m saying here?  Take some action to make your dreams come into reality – but don’t go spilling your latte on random dude’s computers.

Look at all those wings on the yellow animals in the corners.  Your guides and angels are watching over you from the other side.  They are here to support you.  But everything happens in divine timing and sometimes you have to wait for just that right moment.  If you push too hard that right moment won’t be able to manifest as beautifully as you would like.  Be patient but get out there and live your life.

Putting it all together

This is a pretty decent month we are moving into.  Three major arcana cards showed up in this reading telling us that some of the events that transpire may be bigger and towards a greater life purpose.  There are two cards from the suit of cups, so our emotions may play a role this month, but they look to be pretty level.  There is one card from the suits of wands and swords, showing that are passions and communication will be level this month.  There are no cards from the suit of pentacles so I don’t see work issues playing any major role going forward this month.  All looks steady on that front.

Two King cards did show up along with The Magician.  This tells us that there is a lot of masculine energy in the air this month.  Pay attention to those male dominated professions and areas in your life.  You may see the men in your life metaphorically beating their chest and asserting their dominance.

Five cards out of the seven came up reversed.  This tells me that there is a lot of resistance to the energy this month.  It may be difficult to just “go with the flow” and instead we may try to push too hard.  It is good to get out there and make things happen, but you also have to be patient and wait for what you plant to actually take shape and manifest.

Empowerment Actions

I like to end each reading with empowerment actions.  These are things you can do in your everyday life to work with the energies of this reading.

With all the masculine energy this month it would be a good idea to balance it all out with some soft feminine energy.  If you are drawn to crystals I would suggest working with those that are pink in color such as rose quartz or ruby.  Carry a small stone in your pocket and when you encounter intense masculine energy just hold on to the stone and let that feminine energy seep into you.  This advice goes for men as well – we all have masculine and feminine energy inside us and it helps to balance it out so neither gains too much prominence.

I also like to recommend a mantra for the month to work with.  I keep getting “Listen to me roar”.  This month is about stepping into your power and working with that energy to manifest your dreams.  Perhaps listen to Katy Perry’s song “Roar” while getting ready in the morning to get you into the right mindset.  You can do this chickpea – you can make those dreams come true!

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