I have this thing with necklaces – I have always loved wearing them, even as a kid.  There is something about wearing a talisman around your neck that just brings me a sense of power.  I have found that I usually have one particular necklace that I wear for long stretches of time, until they break or the energy disperses and then a new necklace finds me.

Lately, if you see me you will see that I am usually waring my Larimar pendant.  This stone helps with communication (I can be awkward sometimes) and it helps calm and center me (I live with a three year old).  I will, on occasion, switch out this necklace for another if there is something in particular I am working on – I like to wear my rose quartz heart shaped pendant when focusing on sending out or receiving loving energy.  But this necklace is normally the one you will see me wearing.

Before my current Larimar piece I had a simple small circle pendant engraved with the letter M that my mother gave me for Christmas one year.  She gave each mother a necklace with the initial of their children on it and had one made up for herself with all her grandchildren’s initials.  I wore this pendant everyday until it broke.  During the time I wore the necklace it perfectly represented what my main focus was – my daughter.  When it broke this was a symbol for me that my main focus was going to shift.

How do I know this?  My previous necklace was an aquamarine pendant which, too, broke right before a new lesson was in preparation.  I purchased this at a metaphysical store after the image came to me in a dream.  Aquamarine has many properties, but the one I was directed to was that of helping to alleviate fears.  There are a lot of fears that are instilled in us over the years about the unknown, particularly that of the spirit realm.  During this time I was honing my skills as a tarot reader and mystic and those latent fears of the unknown started to emerge.  This pendant helped me get passed these fears – I would just hold onto it while walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night and feel a sense of calm.

Moving back in time, before this aquamarine pendant I had a clear crystal point necklace that I loved.  This was one of those necklaces that could also be used as a pendulum if you needed one on the spot.  I loved this necklace for its purity during the time I was discovering more and more about metaphysics.  This necklace would help me really envision and embody that “white light” that we like to talk about so much and it helped me learn my first steps to psychic self defense.

Before this necklace, I can’t really remember what I wore.  I know I went through a long period of time of trying to match my necklace to my outfit – those were the days of trying to pass myself off as a lawyer.  But prior to that, when I was in middle and high school, I had a few crosses that I would wear 24/7.  I was not a very religious kid – I only remember going to church on Sunday’s a few times growing up – but something just drew me to crosses.  And these weren’t the small golden crosses you imagine good Christian girls wearing, more big metal chunky necklaces (I had my own unique style back then).  Maybe it was for a sense of protection (I was really into vampires before it was considered cool or popular – like the time before all the television shows and books on the subject), or maybe it was my soul seeking the spiritual connection that was so close to the surface during that time period.  I am not sure.  Whatever it was I know that this sense of connecting to a necklace, a pendant, a talisman is a powerful force.

So what will be my next necklace?  I am really not sure.  I’ve always imagined being gifted a necklace, but usually I find myself being lead to the perfect one – either in a dream or through signs.  I will just have to wait and see what new lessons are in my future.

Do you wear necklaces?  What is your favorite necklace?  Are you someone who likes to change them up or do you wear the same one continuously?

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