The solar plexus – likely you have heard this term used at some point in your life, maybe in gym class, so you may have a vague idea about where this energy center is located. To be a little more specific, this third chakra is located about two fingers width above your belly button. This chakra’s color is yellow – think bright sunshiny thoughts – that kind of beautiful yellow color.

And just like the sun, this chakra corresponds to the element of fire. This is where that fire burns in you for your passions in life. This is also the place that gets you going and “puts a fire under you” to get you to work towards your goals.

Confidence and Willpower – Open Solar Plexus Chakra

Now think about how yellow makes you feel. When you see someone wearing a bright yellow shirt do you think “wow they must have some confidence to pull off that shirt”? Well, this chakra is all about confidence. When your solar plexus is open and functioning properly you won’t have to take twenty minutes to decide what outfit to wear in the morning, you will be able to make decisions quickly because you know what you like – and it doesn’t really matter what other people think.

This solar plexus chakra is the center where your ego and identity lies. If you feel secure in who you are and how you describe yourself you will stand up tall and walk with pride. All these feelings come from that stomach area – that solar plexus.

A healthy solar plexus chakra will also reflect in someone who is a “go-getter” and does not need a lot of outside motivation or stimulus to do their work. They will have personal discipline and know when to put down that second/third cookie.

Indecisive, shy and sluggish – Closed or Blocked Solar Plexus Chakra

Now if you try on 50 outfits before finally flinging on a black t-shirt and jeans in the morning you might have a blocked chakra – or you might just really like wearing black and being comfortable. People whose third chakras are closed or blocked may have a difficult time taking initiative and making decisions.

The individual who is overly shy and has a difficult time interacting with other people may have an unbalanced solar plexus chakra as well. Usually this stems from a lack of confidence in who they are and why they are here and this will reflect in the energy of their solar plexus. You may even visually see someone with a closed solar plexus using their arms to shield this area when meeting other people.

Another trait of someone whose solar plexus chakra isn’t functioning to the highest potential is that they may appear sluggish and like they lack energy. They just don’t have that “fire” in their belly to get them up and doing. Instead they may sit and binge watch netflix all weekend – of course I’m not saying that everyone who binge watches netflix has a blocked solar plexus!

How do I wear decide what to wear – balancing that solar plexus chakra

To get this chakra back in balance my best advice is to “fake it until you make it”. Pretend you have the confidence you want to have. Tell yourself you are worth it and you can achieve anything you put your mind to. There is a lot of research behind this idea of pretending to be one way to actually assume those qualities.

And my favorite way to get this chakra unstuck is with crystals of course! Crystals associated with this chakra are those that are yellow. My favorite crystal to use for this chakra is citrine. Recently I purchased a large piece of golden selenite that is very powerful ally for that solar plexus area – especially to find confidence in your spiritual pursuits.

So what color are you wearing today? How does your solar plexus feel? What have you been binge watching on netflix?

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