Here is your Seven Cups Forecast for the month of April 2017.  This reading is set with the intention that it is applicable for all those who read this blogpost.

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General Energy: Temperance

The general energy in the air for the month of April 2017 is that of balance.  Temperance is the card of ultimate balance.  Here the angel has one foot in the water and one on the land.  She is able to maintain balance and order, keeping both of her cups full of water so neither is depleted.

You may feel a deep sense of calm and peace this month, I am feeling the energy reminiscent of the calm before the storm.  This card is generally a card of good fortune and harmony, but the energy it is exuding for me right now is that time right before a large storm comes where the clouds start to hang low and take on a greenish tint.  You know that these signs mean there is something heading your way, but you feel a sense of calm and peace at the beauty of the scene unfolding.

But, take heart, look at that sun in the back of this card.  Right now we will feel this sense of calm, but then the road ahead will be bumpy and messy.  Once we get through those hills and mountains look what lies waiting for us – a glorious sunrise.  That sun will shine again, it just might be a bumpy road to get there.

Jumper Cards: The Tower and Justice Reversed

I normally wait until the end to discuss “jumper” cards but these seem to want me to talk about them now.  Jumper cards are cards that “jump” out of the deck while I am shuffling them.  These talk of energies that are pertinent and want to be taken notice of loud and clear.

What I getting is that these cards, along with Temperance, relate to something of a much larger global scale.  That Tower card speaks of outside forces causing chaos and forcing change even if we are not ready for change to occur.  Justice reversed tells us that this forced change won’t be fair, and we might not like it.

So, I’m not going to lie or sugar coat this matter too much, what it feels like is that calm energy right before a major act of violence.  This is something that will affect a great number of people and act as sort of the tipping point that will move people more in one direction as apposed to another.  Remember, right now we are in the calm though, and so there is no reason to panic or let fear based energies out into the world.  Fear only perpetuates more fear – love is the only thing that is real and the force that allows us to move forward and evolve.

Work/Career: Six of Swords Reversed

Now back to the more mundane topic of work and career.  The six of swords speaks of this resistance to leaving a situation.  This resistance is causing some emotionally turbulent times.  Perhaps you feel like you are starting to outgrow a job and are ready for something more inline with your ideals and values, but something is holding you back, preventing you from really taking that leap of faith and quitting what doesn’t feel “right” anymore.

So should you do it?  I have no clue – each person is different and I can’t blatantly say that every person who reads this blog post should quit there job and find something that feels more “right”.  That may not be the situation for you.  Even if you feel that this current job you are in just doesn’t fit your personality or provide you satisfaction, it may not be the correct timing to leave it for what you perceive to be greener pastures down the line.

Sometimes you just have to suck it up and stay with something you don’t like while the universe works to make your dreams come true.  And you have to put that work in too.  You can’t just passively sit in that boat like the two figures and hope that it is heading in the right direction.  You need to stand up and start rowing yourself – put some effort and energy towards where you want that boat to be heading – towards that ideal job.  Maybe for you this means setting up a crystal grid to get the energies aligned or perhaps it means enrolling in a new course of study.  Make an effort to get to where you want to go – make those energies work for you.

Money/Finances: Nine of Wands

What a weary looking figure stands in this card.  He is battered and bruised and ready for the next fight. Not that great of an outlook in the financial sector, but not horrible either.  For those readers in the states, April is the month that your taxes are due and I have the feeling I am reading a lot of that energy from this card.  Like – do I really have to give up this much of my salary to a government that isn’t providing the services I need or desire.

For those elsewhere across the globe, this energy is pertinent to you as well.  It is that feeling of wanting to protect your assets and not let anymore of it get away.  Perhaps there will be a few extra unexpected bills showing up this month that you didn’t expect.  Maybe your car needs some repairs that you hadn’t planned on or your hot water heater decides to breakdown and you need to spring for a new one.  You likely have the resources available to pay for these unexpected expenditures, but they leave you feeling on guard and defensive about any more of your hard earned cash slipping away.

Love: Queen of Cups

What a “lovely” card to come up in the love category.  This month you will feel loved and nurtured by your special someone or you will be the one offering that love to someone else.  The Queen of Cups has a very gentle and pleasant energy.  She is the mother that plays on the playground and gets muddy with her kids instead of sitting on the benches talking with the other moms.  This is the mother energy that will hold you in the middle of the night when you wake up scared and frightened, just providing you with that love and support.

So what does that mean for your love life?  If you are single and looking to mingle, it might actually benefit you to spend some time near water.  I know, kind of weird advice especially for April.  Perhaps plan a date to an aquarium – yeah, I can’t really come up with any other ideas so it is going to be up to you to be creative.  But I am getting that for my single readers that doing something with water will be beneficial.

For those of you who are in a committed relationship, spend some time really nurturing and doting on your partner.  You do not necessarily need to buy them anything, but just sit and really listen when they want to talk.  Ask them about their day and then listen instead of scrolling through social media.  Show them you care by cooking their favorite meal.  By nurturing your loved one you will help to nurture yourself.

And, I thought I’d add a category this month for if you are single and you don’t want to mingle.  Well, that is perfectly okay.  Then it is time to nurture yourself.  Spend some time getting yourself a pedicure or take that long hot bubble bath that you have been thinking about.  Do one thing each day that tells yourself just how much you love you!

Family: Ten of Swords Reversed

In your family life this month you may find yourself going through some intense healing.  The ten of swords is a card of wounding.  Each of those swords is a bad thought or argument that you have had with your family member.  Now reverse that energy.  Those swords come out and that energy starts to heal.

This is a good month to work on healing those past wounds that you have inflicted or that you have suffered from your family members.  It may be a good time to pick up that phone and call your mom to tell her you are sorry for yelling at her.  Or maybe you need to let your brother know that even though he tormented you all throughout high school that you really looked up to him.

This is a month for healing, let go of those past wrongs and focus on the positive in front of you.  And this healing can always be done from afar as well.  You do not need to insert yourself into a bad situation to heal the wounds from your past.  Do some research on cord cutting and asking your angels to heal the remnants of these past wounds.

Spirituality: Ace of Pentacles

Something new is in the air in your spiritual realm.  And this new possibility has to do with your material world.  This may be a good month to take your spirituality to the next level.  Perhaps laying down plans to monetize a spiritual hobby or make definitive plans to attend that church you were thinking about trying out.

This card also speaks of the possibility of spending money on your spiritual practice.  Maybe you have been eyeing a new meditation cushion for the last few weeks, now may be the time to buy it.  Or perhaps you have been thinking about getting a set of mala beads, that perfect one may show up for you this month.  Keep your eye out for opportunities to spend money to further your spirituality, particularly money that will be spent on practical and physical items.

Advice: The Moon

The advice that you get this month is that not everything is at it seems.  There is still so much in front of you that is hidden and distorted.  When you think everything is going to go one way it suddenly may veer to a totally different direction.  And, you know what, you need to remain calm and steady.  Keep your physical eyes open, but keep your spiritual eyes even wider aware.  What you see may not be what you get this month.

This is also a good month to pay attention to the moon cycles.  Perhaps take time to map out how your emotions are affected by the moon – paying attention to if the moon has a great affect on your emotions can help you determine how to plan your month ahead.  Some people really feel that lunar influence and for others it doesn’t really make a difference.  Why not take the time to write down how you feel each day and see how it corresponds to the moon phases.  Can you see a pattern?

Putting It All Together

What can we really say about this month?  Every suit shows up so there is a balance of energies, but we have four total major arcana cards in this spread.  This month is a preparation for larger energies at play.  There is a lot of change brewing and we are preparing for that energy shift.  Make sure that you are prepared physically and spiritually as well.  Are you drinking enough water?  Do you do some form of physical exercise each day?  Is your spiritual practice in order?  Control what is within your realm and let the universe deal with the rest.

Empowerment Actions

As most of you know, I like to end each reading with empowerment actions, these are things you can do to bring this reading into your everyday life.

For crystal recommendations, this month I am picking up on the stone malachite.  Malachite is a deep green color that corresponds with the heart chakra.  This stone brings those deep seated emotions to the surface and helps you deal with them.  For some individuals, malachite is too intense a stone to work with and a combined stone of malachite with azurite or malachite with chrysocolla – particularly the later helps to soften the sometimes intense energies and emotions that malachite brings up to the surface. This would be a good stone to have by your bedside and help those emotions to come up and be processed while you sleep.  And, of course, if you remember those dreams you can always send them my way for a free dream interpretation.

As for mantras or affirmations this month I am getting that simple, yet profound, sound “Om”.  When you are feeling worked up or worried, spend some time chanting or listening to others chant this sound.  Can you feel that there is nothing to fear or worry about?  We are all connected and this feeling of being alone and disjointed is just an illusion.

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  1. Mary,

    Thank you for these monthly readings – they are really helping me prepare for the month ahead! I was interested to see that the big Tower event came up in this month’s ready that we discussed in my personal reading! 🙂 I’m so excited for a month of healing, and I really appreciated you including this:

    “I thought I’d add a category this month for if you are single and you don’t want to mingle. Well, that is perfectly okay. Then it is time to nurture yourself. Spend some time getting yourself a pedicure or take that long hot bubble bath that you have been thinking about. Do one thing each day that tells yourself just how much you love you!”

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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