The heart chakra is located, guess where, by the heart!  This fourth chakra resonates to the color green.  And just as easy to remember, this chakra corresponds to those loving feelings you have. See – not too difficult to remember what this chakra is all about!

This chakra also is associated with healing as love is seen as the ultimate healing force.  Those who practice reiki or other energy healing methods may find that this healing energy travels first to their heart chakra before moving out through their hands or other body parts.

The Pink Chakra

Some people feel that pink is also associated with this chakra but the pink is actually associated with a “higher heart chakra” which is located just below the heart chakra.  The pink chakra corresponds to the ideas of unconditional love and learning to love yourself.

Heart Troubles

When this chakra is unbalanced you may have a lack of empathy and have trouble loving or feeling loved.  You may find yourself judging others harshly and criticizing or gossiping about other people.

People with a closed heart chakra may also feel isolated and not connected to those around them – not being able to see the loving force that unites us all.  Someone with a closed heart chakra may also speak negatively about themselves and have difficulty seeing the good in who they are.

It is very easy to block or close this chakra down when you are experiencing emotional drama or pain. But, this chakra is very important and one that you should be careful not to keep closed for too long.

Opening your Heart

My favorite way to get this chakra back on track is to listen to a heart opening meditation (there are plenty on youtube that are free and great to listen to – my favorite youtube channel for meditations is Meditative Minds).  You can also work on expressing gratitude to yourself and to others.

And don’t forget about the importance of loving yourself.  Just changing the way you talk about yourself, in private and with other people, can help you open up that heart chakra.  When looking in the mirror at yourself, don’t focus on your perceived “faults”, instead tell yourself how wonderful you are and what a beautiful soul you have.  And, why don’t you work on telling everyone in your life this, especially those children that you are around.

Crystals associated with this chakra are green in color with pink also being used to correspond with that “higher” heart chakra.  Some of my favorites include rose quartz, malachite and green aventurine. Rose quartz is a light pink color and has a gentle energy of love that radiates out of it.  This is a nice crystal to use on a daily basis and is a popular stone found in many stores (even some grocery stores).  I like to use malachite, which is a deep green color, to bring up deep emotional issues to the surface so that you can deal with them.  This is also a good stone to be around when you are going through times of transitions, especially if those transitions are emotional.

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What is your favorite way of keeping your heart chakra open and functioning? 

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