Here is your Seven Cups Forecast for the month of May 2017.  This reading is set with the intention that it is applicable for all those who read this blogpost.

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May 2017 Seven Cups Forecast

General Energy: King of Cups

The General Energy for May 2017 is one of relative calm and peace.  I continue to get the message “the calm before the storm”.  In this image, the King of Cups sits regal and serene while the emotional waters around him are tossed and turned.

This month your goal is to be like this king.  Remain calm and focused.  Remain loving and energized.  Don’t be like the fish jumping out of water thinking that the air will be better than the sea.  Don’t be like the ship getting caught up in each wave, unable to maintain a steady balance.  Be like that king – calm, confident and sending love to the world.

When I tuned into the energy for the next month I received a deep green color.  If you read last week’s blog post, you know that green is the color of the heart chakra.  This specific color green I received had some darkness to it, some blackness thrown into the mix.  Now is the time to focus on removing any darkness that surrounds your heart.  Focus on sending love to yourself and to the world.  Do not focus on the negativity of what might be or what could happen.  Instead focus on the know and with that, focus on love.

Money: Four of Pentacles Reversed

This month it is important to take a look at your finances and see where you are holding on just a little too tightly.  It is time to release some of that extra to those who may need it more than you do.  Look at the man in this image, he is holding onto that coin for dear life, but really, is money what this life is really about?

Instead, this month look at how you can de-prioritize the importance of money in your life.  I received the image of a giraffe with this card – the idea that you can use your resources to help the animals and the world to be a better place.

I am also feeling this sort of chocking feeling – like money and finances are starting to feel like a weight around your neck, holding you back.  Can you find a way to do what you want to do in this world without needing to use financial resources?  Can you find joy without spending money?

Work: Queen of Cups

Here is the Queen to the King we saw earlier.  This Queen is the ultimate nurturer, she is the loving and devoted mother.  And now, she is asking you if you can take this motherly energy into the workplace.

This month, with the image of a basketball coming to me the message surrounds the importance of being a team player at work.  Try to “pass the ball” and let your colleagues have some of the recognition or sales that they deserve.  No one likes the player on the basketball court who dribbles and shoots by himself.  It doesn’t matter how great a player he is, teammates are important.

Show your teammates at work that they are important and that they matter.  This may be a great month to bring in some sweet treats or take your employees out to lunch.  Find a way to show those around you that you appreciate them being there.

Love: Eight of Wands Reversed 

Well, just to be honest, it doesn’t look that great in the love department this month.  When this card shows up reversed it is my signal that that email you have been waiting on, it is not coming in or that phone call you had hoped for never materializing.  And, to make matters worse, when I tuned into the energy for this month I got a big black X.  Nope, it is just not going to happen this month.

So what does this really mean.  If you are single you may go on a few dates this month, but then find that you just don’t really click with the person.  If you are married your spouse may not call when you thought they would.  If you are single and not looking to mingle this is a sign to stay where you are – don’t try anything new in the romance department.

While the more basic, one to one relationships do not look stellar this month, try to focus that love energy to a broader more global perspective.  Find ways to send love to everyone and everything instead of just one person.

Family: Page of Pentacles Reversed

With your family life this month you may feel yourself being spread just a little too thin.  Too many commitments and obligations are going to make it difficult to please everyone.  And mothers, don’t be surprised if your kiddos don’t give you a great mother’s day gift, they may be feeling the pressures of school, sports and friends spreading them a little too thin this month as well.

With this card I received the image of a small blow up kiddy pool decorated with polka dots.  Even though you may be feeling overwhelmed and like you have too much on your plate, can you find a way to have a little fun and relaxation.  This would be a great month to have a family game or movie night.  Pop some popcorn, order a pizza and snuggle under the covers together.  Relax a little.

Spirituality: Eight of Pentacles Reversed

In the spirituality department it is time to stop working so hard.  Just take a deep breadth and maintain your current position.  Sometimes what we want to happen and what we expect will happen just takes time.  We can’t always work to make our spirituality into what we want it to be overnight.

I get the message that we need to just keep chugging along, taking everything one step at a time.  It is the consistency that will get you to where you want to be spiritually.  Think of yourself as a little train making progress but not really getting anywhere super fast.

Advice: Six of Cups

In my mind’s eye I am seeing the image of pennies being collected into a metal container that has a dispenser on the end – a coin dispenser.  From this image I am getting the message that you should create and gather up beautiful memories now so that you can use them later – dispense them out one at a time when you need them.

The Six of Cups is a card of nostalgia, of the past.  This card evokes those feelings you had as a child – carefree and wild.  Take time this month to recreate that feeling inside yourself.  Be that child again.

Now would also be a great time to sit down and write out all those wonderful memories that you have from over the years and that you are making now.  Take a notebook and devote each page to a different memory.  You don’t have to fill it in all at once, just do a few pages each day.  By the end of the month you will have a beautiful memory book that you can read for years to come.

Putting it all Together

Looking at this reading as a whole, we have the energies of the cups and the pentacles.  To me this feels like a situation where two opposite sides are conflicting against each other.  I feel like I should be announcing a baseball game – on one side you have the emotional cups working on sending love out into the world and on the other you have the practical pentacles just wanting to play by the rules and get their work done.  Which side are you going to pitch for this month?

This reading also had several pairs involved.  We have the eight of wands and the eight of pentacles.  Eight is the number of balance and harmony – the great equalizer.  This energy makes sense with the cups vs. pentacles discussed above.  There is a balance that will be seen across multiple platforms.  Is your life in balance or does one side need to give so another can receive?

The other pair is the King and Queen of the suit of Cups.  Their appearance tells me that this month holds a lot of emotions for us all.  And it is up to you how you handle these emotions.  You can be like the king only dipping his a toe into the emotional waters – or you can be like the ship and get soaked.  Think of this as to how you relate to what is going on in the political climate of the world right now.  Are you going to get worked up by everything you see or are you going to sample the news sparingly and only get emotionally attached to bits and pieces.

Empowerment Actions

I like to end every tarot reading with empowerment actions.  These are steps you can take to bring the tarot reading into your everyday life.

If you have an interest in crystals, working with Larimar would be very helpful this month.  This light blue stone has a very calm and gentle energy – almost like that of rose quartz, but this energy helps specifically to calm and sooth emotions.  This stone brings with it the healing power of the ocean and the energy of calm ocean waves.

I also like to recommend a mantra and this months mantra is very simple “Breathe”.  Whenever you feel yourself getting emotionally wrapped up or involved in things that do not directly effect you – breathe.  You can follow the wise Daniel T. Tiger’s advice – “When you feel so mad that you want to roar.  Take a deep breadth.  And count to four. One. Two. Three. Four.”


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