What does it mean when you remember the color of a particular item in a dream?  Do colors carry the same significance as other dream symbols?  My answer – yes, they do.  You can use the color of different objects in your dream to add to the messages that the dream provides.

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Chakra Colors in Dreams

One easy way to examine colors as they appear in dreams is to look at the associated chakra and what it means.  Chakras are universal and their color associations are deeply ingrained in our collective consciousness which makes their presence in dreams prominent.

For example, let us say that you dreamed of your best friend from high school wearing a bright yellow shirt.  This imagery may tell you that, in additional to other meanings, you see this friend as having high self confidence since yellow is associated with the solar plexus chakra.  For more information about chakras, check out my chakra series.

Cultural Meanings

Other than their association with chakras, certain colors also have deep cultural associations.  Think of all those cliche sayings and see how they can apply to your dream.  We say people are green with envy – so if the green object in your dream does not resonate with the heart chakra see if it is associated with envy.  When someone “sees red” they normally are really mad and angry.  Think about what other sayings we associate with colors.

Black, White and Grey

Another common color scheme that pops up in the dream landscape is that of black and white.  Over the years we as a collective have started associating the color white with good and black with bad or negative forces.  If you see a pattern in your dream of certain items being black and certain ones being white – can you determine if your dream is trying to tell you something?

Then there are also items that appear to be grey or even black and white together.  These images can relate to something in your life that isn’t necessarily bad or good – something that has elements of the positive and negative.

What color have you seen in your dreams lately?  Do you have any strong reactions to certain colors?

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