If you read any psychic or intuitive development book or take any workshop or class, you will likely hear that you need to start meditating right this minute.  Every reputable psychic I know has spent years working on calming their mind through meditation.  I have recently read a number of books from prominent individuals in the field such as John Holland and Sandy Anastasia and both individuals stress the importance of meditation.

I have been meditating since my first year in college, and I have done it all.  I have meditated by following my breadth, done guided meditations, listened to meditation music, meditated by myself, meditated with a group – let’s just say I have a lot of experience in the world of meditation.  With all these prominent psychics stressing the importance of meditation, I wanted to know why they found this ancient practice so important.  And, after reading a variety of sources, this is what I found.

Control Your Mind

Perhaps the most important reason meditation is important for psychic development is so that you are able to control your mind.  When you are getting information for other people from your guides and higher energies, you don’t want that errant thought about needing to do the laundry slip into your head and distract you.

The act of receiving information in itself is a very subtle shift in energy.  You need to be aware and paying attention so that the important information does not pass by without you noticing.  Some impressions can last only a millisecond, and you don’t want that information to be lost because you started thinking about what to cook for dinner.

I have found that the basic practice of following your breadth to be the best way to learn to control your mind in this manner.  Just try it right now and see how difficult it is.  Try breathing in and out for ten rounds and see where your mind ends up.  Hard isn’t it!  This method takes practice and can be frustrating, but is the absolute best in learning to take control of your mind.

Know Yourself

Another very important reason to meditate is so that you can get to know what thoughts in your mind are coming from you and which are coming from your guides.  The best way to do this is to spend some quality time with yourself and just yourself.

When you are working on following your breadth, what kinds of things are coming to your mind?  Who is this inner you that you have been ignoring for so long?  By getting to know that unique energy that is all your own you will be able to know when a different energy is coming into your awareness.

Raise Your Vibration 

Meditation can also help you to raise your vibration.  What does this mean?  We are all energy and live in this lower energy world.  Those “on the other side” or your guides and angels operate on a much higher energy level.  In order to communicate with them effectively, we must learn to raise our vibrations, while they lower their vibrations, so we can meet in the middle.

Meditation is one such method that we can use to help us raise our vibrations. Just calming the mind and focusing on your breadth, you will soon find yourself having more loving thoughts and experiences.  Love has a higher vibrational frequency than worry and fear, and by concentrating on this love you will raise your vibration as well.

Common Meditation Benefits

In addition to the specific psychic benefits of meditation, the more commonly spouted reasons to meditate are also important for that budding psychic.  One of the reasons meditation is becoming so popular is its ability to help reduce stress.  There are so many scientific studies out there explaining exactly how meditation calms the mind and helps calm the body.  Schools are now even starting to implement meditation to help students learn to better control their behavior.  And any psychic in the field knows that keeping their stress levels in check helps readings to be clearer and more heart centered.

Do you meditate?  Have you found meditation important in your psychic or intuitive practice?  What is your favorite way to meditate? 


  1. I totally agree with your idea. Every day, I often spend a few minutes practicing meditation. And I learn that my potential ability is slowly enhanced day by day. But, first days are always the hardest step, which can make many people give up. try best!

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