The throat chakra is another one whose location is easy to remember.  It is located in the throat, specifically at the top of the throat right under your tongue.  This chakra is a blue color.  The throat chakra is associated with how you communicate, both to yourself and to others.

I don’t know about you, but I can be shy at times.  When I know that I am going to need to talk to people in a social setting I make sure that this chakra is opening and fully functioning.

So what does that blocked or closed throat chakra look like?

When this chakra is blocked or closed you may have trouble speaking your truth or speaking at all.  Sore throats are a common symptom of throat chakras that are out of balance.

An overactive throat chakra usually presents itself as a “chatty Cathy” – someone who just doesn’t know when it is right to stop talking.  Gossiping and negative talk can also be associated with an out of balance throat chakra.

To realign this chakra I love to use my voice and sing.  Sing with your full voice – yep that stereotypical in the shower singing at the topic of your lungs voice.  And if you need to balance that sacral chakra you can combine the activities by singing and dancing at the same time. Use that voice and that throat chakra will start to open back up.

You can also use the healing vibration of crystals to help balance this chakra.  Crystals associated with the throat chakra are blue in color.  My favorite crystals to work with are sodalite, lapis lazuli and celestite.

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