Most of us have heard about our aura at one time or another.  Some people may have even had pictures of their aura taken at new age shops or fairs.  But what exactly is an aura and what do the colors in your aura mean?

Everything has an aura, be it an animate or inanimate object.  We generally talk about the auras of living things because they have more energy or juice running through them and thus are easier to see and feel.  Auras are simply electromagnetic energy.  Being that they are energy, scientists can actually identify them, although there is no consensus in the scientific community as to the purpose of an aura.

There are actually several layers to our auras.  The easiest one to see is that of our etheric aura which extends just about an inch to two inches away from our body.  This is a part of our aura that does not have a distinct color pattern.  Next is our astral aura.  This is the part of our aura where bands of colors can be seen.  Those closest to the etheric aura relate to our personality and may change very slowly over time based on our focus and interests, but generally stay consistent.  Farther away from these color bands will be colors that denote what emotions we are currently feeling and those thoughts that are current in our minds.  Finally the aura is all contained in an auric shell which looks like an egg shape around our bodies.

Our auras expand and contract depending on our environment and how we are emotionally feeling.  If we are scared or feel shy or threatened our auras will close in around us.  When we are feeling relaxed and comfortable our auras expand outward.  Generally, in a healthy individual, auras will extend about four or five feet outside their physical body.

All of this information is neat and interesting, but what most people want to know is what color their aura is and what does it mean.  I am writing this blog post in part to explain the aura and in part to introduce a new service I am offering.  Now, through my etsy site you can purchase a Aura reading.  In this reading I will “look” at your aura and see what color(s) are present.  Following that will be a quick guide to what each color actually means.  Usually I will see one to three colors in a person’s aura.

These colors are consistent and do not change easily over time like the flow and direction of your chakras. So, although you can order an aura reading multiple times, it likely isn’t going to change at all between readings.  Conversely, your chakras can open and close throughout the day based on your experiences and any healing treatments or meditations you have had done.  Thus you can always order a Quick Chakra Analysis to see their flow.

Are you interested in the color of your aura?  Have you had an aura reading done?  Can you “see” auras?

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