You may find this Seven Cups Forecast a little different than previous forecasts.  It will be pretty evident right away that I have written this forecast without the aid of tarot cards.  I received a message from my guides to publish this month without falling back on the cards, so here you go –

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Psychic Reading
This is the glamours photo of a psychic reading – a piece of paper with my notes – not quite as photogenic as tarot cards…


General Energy
When tuning into the general energy for June 2017 I saw the image of outer space.  Lots of tiny little stars all around me.  Almost reminiscent of an old Star Trek tv series backdrop.  Within these stars I felt as if we were moving forward.  Faster and faster throughout the stars making this voyage.

The message that came with this image is that the energy this month may seem like we are charting new courses, new avenues in our lives.  We may try new and different activities or expand the areas we are already interested in.  This is a perfect time to “boldly go where you’ve never gone before” and to charter “new frontiers”.

This energy also extends outward from our personal lives into the world at large and particularly the political climate that we are currently going through.  Right now is the “age of fear” here on earth.  Different political figures will try out a variety of tactics which may cause us to examine our own concept of fear.  Are you willing to buy into this fear or is this something that is illusory?


In the money department I quickly got the lyrics “Money, money, money” by The O’Jays coming through.  This was combined with the sound “caching” and the image of a cash register with dollar signs popping up.

In a practical sense, you may find yourself coming into some money that you did not expect to be available this month.  A forgotten check or an unexpected present may just appear right when you need it most.  You may be called into work an extra shift that you weren’t expecting, helping that account balance to rise.

But, more theoretically, you may find yourself examining your stance on money and its power this month.  How do you view money?  How do you want to view money?  Read through The O’Jays song “For the love of money” lyrics or listen to the song on youtube and see what feelings come through to you.


Your work life this month may feel like you are on a rollercoaster ride.  There will be some really high highs – like your boss may recognize you in front of your colleagues – but there may also be some really low, lows – that promotion you were hoping for might not materialize.  Try to keep yourself steady on this ride, but also allow yourself to fully experience these emotions.  Celebrate those highs and mourn those lows.

I am also getting that this would be a good month to socialize with your colleagues.  Accept that invite to after work drinks that you would normally turn down.  If you have a family and find it difficult to get together after work, perhaps arrange a dinner with a co-worker who has kids around the same age as your kids.  Establishing these “outside of work” connections may be helpful for your career in a few months.


The love department may get a little tricky this month.  I received the image of a devil in chains along with the words “the devil you know”.  You may find yourself getting drawn back into relationships or habit patterns of the past.  Think twice before you accept that invitation for “just coffee” from an old flame.  Try to catch yourself when you start thinking negatively about your partner.  Are you just falling back on old patterns that are unhealthy and unhelpful?


When tuning into the energy of family for June 2017 I saw the image of a sailboat floating on calm seas.  Focusing on the sailboat it had the energy of a child’s toy, a nostalgia to it from a happy childhood.

This month’s family life looks pretty “smooth sailing”.  You may find yourself reminiscing about fond memories from your past with old friends and relatives.  Emotions all around are at a stable and calm level for you to enjoy.

The energy has that feel of a backyard barbecue or enjoying a warm summer evening around a fire pit (or a cold winter evening around a fire pit for those in the southern hemisphere).  Find ways to relax and just enjoy your family in a casual setting.  Drop in on your parents for a fun weekend or call up your sister for a causal Sunday brunch.


In the arena of spirituality I receive the message that now is a time to work on ascending to a higher and more loving thought plane.  If you are working towards this you will find new doors opening where previously you may have felt a standstill or a plateau.  If you are open and watching for these lessons and opportunities, they are being presented, you just need to be aware and open to receive.


The advice for June 2017 came with the image of a flower with deep magenta petals and a yellow center.  This flower had petals standing out with one petal missing and fallen on the ground.  The message with this image is to not let one negative event or feeling affect the rest of you.  Be like the flower and release that negativity so that the rest of you can grow stronger.  That flower isn’t going to let the sadness of its loss ruin its beauty and neither should you.

This advice also is relating back to that political and world climate. Sometimes things seem like they are getting pretty chaotic out in the world and we feel like there is not much we can do.  The negative energy around us and on the news feels like it is pulling our petals out.  But it is our task to not let that negativity get any more of our petals.  Yes, the state of world events is sad and can be depressing at times, but how is your life right now?  Are you in a good place?  Are you happy with who you are?  Focus your energy on your immediate environment and don’t put too much attention on the news that brings you down.

Animal Energy

Since my guides have already instructed me to do this post a little differently, they decided to throw a new category into the mix.

The animal energy that it will be helpful to work with for the month of June is the blue jay.  Blue jays represent the idea of being faithful and committed to who you are and your task at hand.  Don’t let other people throw you off your path in life.  Be committed to where you want to go and how you want to get there.

Blue jays also represent the idea of patience.  Sometimes it takes longer to get where we want to go then we had planned.  Can you enjoy the journey to get there as much as the destination?  I know, that is so cliche – just at least be happy with how much progress you are making and let the universe work on its own time schedule.  There may be something that you do not know about that is preventing its manifestation from occurring at the given time.

Blue jays want us to remember that sometimes on our path we need to be a little aggressive to get what we want.  Yes we need to be patient and committed, but that doesn’t mean we need to let some other little bird bully us around.  Go out there and fight for what you want.

Empowerment Actions 

I like to end each reading with empowerment actions, these are things you can do to bring this reading into your everyday life.

The crystal recommendation that is coming through for this month is Celestite.  This light blue stones helps with communication and our 5th chakra, the throat chakra.  The resonance of this crystal helps us to connect with our higher self along with our angels and spirit guides that are assisting us on this incarnation here on earth.  I get the impression that we need to be checking in with this higher self and making sure we are on the right path and not letting negativity get in our way.

So the mantra I received for this month is a little…interesting.  The mantra that my guides are giving me is “chugga-chugga choo-choo” – yes the sound of a train.  The message is that we need to keep our momentum moving forward – just like the space ship in the general energy section.  We need to keep moving and working in our lives and not let anything slow us down.  When you feel unmotivated this month say this mantra to yourself and get going!

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