Over the years of doing tarot and psychic readings I have noticed that I’ve accumulated a few little habits, or quirks if you will.  These are things I find myself needing and doing each time I sit down to do a reading.  Now I am not talking about the standard grounding, centering and prayers that I do before and after readings – these are more minor habits that I do for no particular reason – or a reason I”m not aware of yet.  I was interested what other idiosyncrasies people have so I thought I’d write a blog post and see what you all have to say.

I started noticing these little habits when I realized that I always needed to have a hair tie around when I was about to do a reading.  For some reason, I like to have my hair up and in a ponytail or bun while I’m dong a reading.  It has something to do with the back of my neck being exposed.  Perhaps I like to have my fifth chakra totally clear – I’m not sure what – all I know is that my hair needs to be up.

Another habit I have is that I always like to have a pen and a piece of paper.  I prefer using plane white computer paper for all readings.  I used to try to use little notebooks, but they just didn’t seem to feel “right”.  Instead I like to use a loose piece of paper, write my notes and then tear the piece up and throw it away after the reading is done.  Tearing the paper is one way I sever the connection with the individual I have just read.

When I need background noise during a reading, I have found that I like to listen to binaural beats.  My specific settings are in an Alpha range and the beat frequency is 8.0 Hz while the tone frequency is 350 Hz.  I have no idea what these numbers mean – they are just the frequencies that I have settled on.  I use an app called “Binaural Beats” – I just plug my headphones in and press play.  This app plays just straight up beats without any music in the background. .

I have also found that I drink a lot of water during the reading process.  I like to have my water bottle on my desk and I make sure it is there before starting.  I have tried to drink hot tea in the colder months, but it always seems to get cold too fast and it just doesn’t “feel” right.  Instead I like to sip or gulp down nice plain water.

How about you?  Do you have any habits centered around your readings?  Is there anything you must have or must do before or during a reading?

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