Ahhh, the Third Eye Chakra.  This is the chakra most of us new age, hippy, spiritual, intuitive, tarot reading tribe like to talk about.  We all want our third eye to be blasted open so that we can “see” what other’s can’t.  I know – so that is a pretty generalized statement.  But in all likelihood, if you are in this community you have heard about this third eye chakra.  So what is it all really about?

Where is it and what does it do?

The third eye chakra is located between your eyebrows, up about an inch.  Some people say that it’s exact location is the pineal gland in the brain.  The color of this chakra differs depending on who you are talking to and their beliefs, but it is generally either an indigo or a violet color.  I personally associate this chakra with the color indigo, but either option is correct.

This chakra is thought to be the center of your intuition.  This is where you will pick up your intuitive knowings and is the seat of clairvoyance.  When images flash into your awareness this is the location you receive them.

Here is an example for you – think of a pink cat.  Now imagine that pink cat is doing ballet and wearing a purple tutu.  Could you picture that image?  Where did you “see” this in your mind?  That is the location of your third eye chakra.

What does a closed or blocked third eye chakra look like?

When this chakra is blocked or closed you may have a difficult time trusting yourself or your inner guidance. I have found that fear of psychic phenomenon to be a major cause in individuals closing this chakra.  The current Western culture promotes thoughts, beliefs and programs that encourage us to be frightened of those “entities” and energies that we cannot see.  Just think about the last scary movie you saw – what made it scary?  This fear then leads individuals to close down their third eye chakras so that they won’t have the opportunity to encounter any “scary spirits”.

Another common reason this chakra is closed in the Western culture is because of skepticism of anything psychic or in the para-psychological field. It doesn’t seem to matter what scientific experiments or the literature says, many people have deeply held beliefs that the unseen is not real.  Without being open to the unknown, this chakra becomes blocked and can close over time.

When your third eye chakra is open

Now that we know what a closed third eye chakra looks like, what really happens when we open our third eye?  An open third eye chakra does not mean that you are going to start suddenly seeing ghostly apparitions out of the corner of your eye or get flashes of impending doom.  There really isn’t anything to be afraid of in having the energy center open.

Instead, an open third eye chakra will lead you to learn to trust yourself and your instincts more.  It also allows you to start to believe in those things that you cannot explain and that you don’t see.  It provides an openness and a willingness to experience the world around you in new and different ways.

Opening the third eye chakra

If you type “how to open the third eye chakra” into google you are going to get a lot of different methods people have used over the years.  Some may work for you, others may not.  But, in the strict sense of opening this chakra – all you really have to do is believe.  Believe in the unseen, in energy, in the spiritual process.  Even just reading books by a variety of enlightened authors can help open this chakra.

Now if you want to learn to communicate with the dead and offer your friends psychic advice, you need more than just an open third eye chakra.  You need a strong and tuned in chakra.  For this – follow your instincts and try out various methods to see what works for you.  I am a strong proponent of meditation.  For this chakra I believe guided meditations are particularly important.  Remember that image of a pink cat doing ballet in a purple tutu – that is the muscle that you need to strengthen to really hone your skills.

And, as with all the other chakras, you can layer on the vibrations of color energy, scent energy, sound energy and, my favorite, crystal energy to help open this chakra. Crystals associated with this chakra range in color from deep blue to purple.  My favorite to use is labradorite which has a protective quality while its vibrations help to open this chakra.

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