Here is your Seven Cups Forecast for the month of July 2017.  This reading is set with the intention that it is applicable for all those who read this blogpost.

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Psychic Reading July 2017

General Energy – 7 of Pentacles Reversed

The general energy for the month of July 2017 is all about looking at your life from a greater distance – getting some perspective to the situations you are going through in your day to day reality.

Here we have the seven of pentacles showing up reversed.  When this card is upright it talks of the patience required in our lives.  Crops take time to grow before they can be harvested, just as we must grow the qualities we need in ourselves before we can become the person we were meant to be.  This card is showing up reversed which speaks of a resistance to this idea of waiting and letting things happen in their own time.  We are starting to become impatient with our life and force things to change instead of waiting for divine timing.

Tuning into the general energy of this month, my guides sent me the image of Earth spinning on its axis from outer space.  Instead of looking at your life from such an up close vantage point can you take a step back and see all the little steps that must first come together for the greater to be had?

There is also a lot of heat this month – watch your temper and that of those around you.  Also be cognizant of the temperature in your environment.  When the outside temperatures rise so can your inner temperament.  Take some time to cool down before making any rash decisions.

Money – 4 of Pentacles Reversed

Are you holding onto your pennies or are you throwing them at useless things?  This is the month to really watch where your resources are going.

In the 4 of Pentacles you can see a man holding tightly to his coins – to all the possessions and material belongings he has.  But when this card is turned upside down his coin slips out of his hand and he is left with nothing.

The energy of this month is categorized by the image of a slick salesman out to take that coin from the man in this card.  He is going to weasel his way to get what he wants, playing on emotions, practicalities, anything that will work.

This is a month to watch your resources and where they are going.  Do you really need that extra pair of shoes?  Do you really need that lipstick and the blush?  Is that sales pitch for the all inclusive resort vacation just a little too good to believe?

Work – Justice

Your work environment this month is going to be dominated by the idea of a strong powerful woman.  This woman could be in the form of a boss or colleague that is exerting control over a situation – or this woman could be you, learning to accept that you can be powerful and be feminine at the same time.

Here in the Justice card we have the image of a woman that has all the power in her hands.  She can decide the fate of others just as easily as she can decide her own fate.  Are you this woman?  Is this woman someone in your work environment?  Are you ready to listen to her – to let her voice be heard?

Love – 9 of Wands

This month in the love arena you will see a shift in focus to friendships and foundations over hot and steamy romances.  Building those strong foundations will help relationships prosper for years to come.

This image shows the 9 of wands, a man that has fought a hard battle and collected his prize, but now he must guard what he has.  But if he would have taken the time to create a solid foundation – perhaps even a house to store his wands in – he wouldn’t have to be out in the open defending what he has won.

The image that my guides sent to me for this category was that of a gentle kiss on the cheek.  This had the flavor of a friendship.  For those of you who are single and looking to mingle, look to your friends, perhaps one could end up being more than just a friend, or perhaps one knows the perfect blind date just for you.  For those of you who are single and not looking to mingle, spend some time with your friends creating those solid relationships that will help you through whatever romantic hurdles that may come your way in the future.  For those who are partnered up and not looking to stray, find some activities with your partner that you can bond over – go take a walk together or take a class on something new to you both.  Make sure your foundations are strong and stable.

Family – 4 of Cups Reversed

Look to your family for a source of fun and relaxation this month.  If you just let loose a little you can really enjoy the excitement in the air.

The 4 of Cups is what I term the “boredom” card. Come on, this guy just looks uber bored.  But wait, this card is reversed – the boredom can be lifted and fun will be had!

When I tuned into the energy of this month I saw the image of a backyard barbecue complete with a pink pony piñata.  The energy was that of fun and excitement.  Where do you fit into the picture of this scene?  Do you have the energy of the young boy swinging the bat at the piñata?  Are you at the grill cooking up burgers (veggie burgers of course) for your family?  Are you sitting at a table talking with the neighbors?  Find your place in this scene and in your family.  Find that sense of happiness and belonging.

Spirituality – 8 of Pentacles Reversed

This month really look at your activities and actions in terms of your spirituality.  Are they driving you further or are they holding you back?

The 8 of pentacles is the card of the hard worker, getting his business done in a timely and efficient manner.  But now he is reversed.  Is he doing all the work he should be doing or is he slacking off?

Imagine that your spirituality and potential is a hot air balloon.  You have the opportunity to fly high into the sky and be among those puffy cotton candy colored clouds.  But the only way your balloon can fly is with the fire that burns inside you.  Are you stoking that fire with the right fuel or are you letting it die out and giving up?

Take time this month to focus and work on your spirituality, whatever form this is.  Perhaps this means making sure to go to church each week.  Or maybe you need to set your alarm a few minutes early and meditate before your coffee.  Whatever you need to do get it done.  Fueling that inner fire will rise you to where you want to go – to where you never thought was possible.

Advice – The Empress Reversed

Are you taking the time to nurture yourself?  Are you giving yourself the love and attention you need?

The Empress is the mother figure in the tarot.  When she comes up reversed we need to look at where we are neglecting our motherly duties.

The advice that my guides are giving for this month is to really watch the vibrations in your environment.  This means taking the time to pick up your space, maybe even put a few crystals out to clear out the negativity in the room.  Look to your favorite vibration risers and use them daily.  This could mean smudging your bedroom or playing some calming music.  Also watch what vibrations you consume – be it the food you eat or the tv shows you watch.  Everything is energy including us and just like a tuning fork we vibrate at the energy of those items and people around us.  Make sure that tuning fork is set to the vibration you seek.

Putting it all together

The Pentacles took center stage this month telling us that the focus is going to be on our day to day life.  Make sure to take a step back and look at that bigger picture to see where your life is heading.

Woman also play prominently in this month.  With the release of Wonder Woman last month and The Empress and Justice showing up here you may start to see a shift in the energy around you from that male dominated world to one that is more femininely balanced.  That is the direction the world is heading right now, and you may start to see little glimmers of this new reality around you in your everyday life. But don’t be surprised if you also see a last big push-back from the masculine energy which has ruled for so long.

Empowerment actions

Septarian or Dragons stone is a good stone to use this month.  This stone is very grounding and also works to make sure you are communicating in the correct manner.  Hold this piece of stone when you feel your energies are starting to go off in multiple directions and let it take you back to Mother Earth and all the wisdom she offers.

A mantra to work with this month is “This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine”.  Say these words, or just sing this whole song, whenever you feel yourself wavering from your path this month.  Make sure to let your light shine brightly and fuel your inner fire with the passion and excitement it deserves.

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