Energy is all around us.  We are made of energy.  That book next to your nightstand is made of energy – your car – your cat – that mean thought about your boss – even your mother-in-law is made of energy.  But why do all these things look and feel so different?

It all has to do with the qualities that the energy has.  And guess what – if you focus and pay attention, you can feel the energy around you that your eyes may not be able to see (although you can see energy too – but that is for a different blog post!).

What qualities will you be able to pick up on?

Energy has density

Well, one distinction is the density of the energy around you.  If you have ever been in a room where people are in contention and mad with each other you may have just felt a heaviness around you.  If there is a specific location that someone was standing in when they expressed intense negative emotions you can run your hands through it and it may feel different from the other energy in the room.  Think about the phrase “the tension in the room is so thick you could cut it with a knife” – there is some truth to this saying!

The opposite of heavy energy is a lighter feeling energy.  You can probably guess what light energy usually signals – feelings of love.  Love is a high vibration feeling and with it comes a lightness that we on earth, being made of dense matter, can feel the contrast of.

Energy has temperature

Along with density, energy will also feel hot or cold.  If you watch any ghost shows or read any books on the topic you might have heard that ghosts sometimes show up as cold spots.  Ghosts, whatever your thoughts on them, are residual energy and thus they will have qualities of energy as well – which includes temperature. When you are in a conversation with someone that becomes “heated” see if you can feel that heat exchange between the two of you.

Energy “feels” different

There are additional ways you may feel energy if you pay attention.  Energy may feel “tingly” or like “pin pricks”.  You may also feel energy flowing or being stagnant.  Just pay attention in your interactions with other people and see if you can discern a difference.

Exercise to Feel Energy

Perhaps one of the most popular ones is feeling the energy between your hands.  First rub your hands together quickly to open up your hand chakras which will make feeling energy easier.  Next slowly pull your hands apart about five inches and slowly move them closer together a few inches.  Does it feel like there is something thick and heavy between your hands?  Repeat this a few times and see what qualities this energy has.

Now take that energy you are feeling and try rolling it into a ball like you would with play-dough.  Take that ball of energy and move it to the back of one of your hands.  Does it feel different?  Now switch hands and put the energy ball on the back of your other hand.  Does this feel the same or different?  Energy can sometimes feel different between your two hands.

So how did you do?  Could you feel the energy?  What qualities of energy do you feel?

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