We have finally made it to the crown chakra – the last of the seven major chakras!  This chakra is located at the top of your head.  I see this chakra as violet in color, but some people see it as white.  Go with what resonates with you and your system – either is correct.

Like your trusted wifi connection, when this chakra is open and functioning you are connected to a divinity – a higher power – a sense of oneness with all beings.  For those who are into the woo-woo this is generally where your connection to your spirit guides and loved ones on the other side comes through.

Closed Crown Chakra – Weak Signal

In our modern age I’ve seen a lot of people shut down this crown chakra, sometimes due to bad experiences with organized religion and churches.  Some individuals have such a bad taste due to their religious experience from childhood that they shut off all their connection to the divine.  I understand this, but what people don’t realize is that it disconnects them from their higher self as well.

What does this disconnection look like?  A closed crown chakra may manifest as a sense of depression or despondence and can also take the physical form of headaches.    You may feel like your life doesn’t have any “purpose” and you are just living the daily grind one day at a time.  Just a general sense of “blah”.

Opening the Crown Chakra – Making the Connection

To open this chakra a daily practice of prayer or meditation, whatever form that takes for you, can help.  Prayer doesn’t have to be what you learned in church – instead it can take many different forms and simply is you establishing a connection with something greater than yourself.

And if you want to work with the vibrations of this chakra, crystals are always one of my preferred methods.  Crystals associated with this chakra are purple or white in color.  My favorites to work with are amethyst, clear quartz and selenite.

***** Quick Chakra Checks are available through my Etsy store if you want to know the status of your divine wifi connection*****

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