Here is your Seven Cups Forecast for the month of August 2017. This reading is set with the intention that it is applicable for all those who read this blogpost. As in June, my guides were pretty clear that this should be a strictly intuitive reading without tarot cards.  So I listened and this is what came.

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Psychic Forecast August 2017
This image of my notes is just not as photogenic as tarot cards – but you can see how the process works for me – I write down key words and phrases from what I see – I also cross out some things that seem like messages but then end up to be “clutter” from the ego

General Energy

The image that my guides sent for the general energy of August 2017 was of a whale beached on the sand.  This image carried with it several messages (this is one reason why the spirit world communicates in images – they carry with them different contexts that just a single word could not).  First, there will be a heavy presence to the energy this month.  It will feel like “a lot” of weight on your shoulders and around the world.  The energy is very dense – both heavy and large.

This dense energy may make it difficult for you to get much done this month.  The energy has that feeling of a hot summer day when you are sitting around bored as a kid, you want to go do something and play, but it is just too hot to move.  That is what this energy feels like.

I also received the phrase “a whale of a tale” – the idea is that, even though the energy may be “dense” this month, there will be things that happen in the world or that you do in your life that are worth remembering and telling others about it years from now.  Pay attention this month – write down those exciting experiences before you forget them.


In the money category the image was of a shiny gold coin twirling on its axis.  I got the impression that we weren’t sure exactly what the gold coin was.  Is it made of solid gold or is there a chocolate core?  In your finances watch out for good “deals” – some may actually prove to be worth your time, but others may be “duds”.

I was then directed to “pull back” from this image and I saw the hand twirling this coin, then moved up to his face and the image of a man with greased back black hair and a mustache wearing a purple suit.  The phrase – show me what you have – came with this image.  Be careful how much you reveal about your finances to those around you.  The knowledge of what you have could make you vulnerable.  This also feels like there could be some leaking or financial “attack” on a bank or major corporation this month.


I am just going to say right now that I have watched a lot of television over the years and the images my guides send me tend to have that tv like quality to them.  With that out of the way, I can now explain the bunny in a business suit that I saw when I tuned into the energy around work for this month.

This bunny rabbit was walking down the street holding his briefcase and being generally in a good mood.  The idea of “walking on the sunny side of the street” can with this image.  Your work life seems generally copestetic this month.  You will be just like a bunny rabbit in a business suit walking along munching on a carrot (here is where I wish I knew how to insert a silly emoji of a bunny, then a carrot, then that smily face with the tears coming out of its eyes).


When I tuned into the energy around love for August I first heart a heartbeat and then saw a doctor checking up on a patient in a hospital with a stethoscope.  The idea is that this would be a good month for a relationship checkup.  Step back and examine – are you where you want to be?

If you are in a relationship this would be a great month to hold one of those relationship summits that you see in movies where the two characters plan a day to get together and hash out all the problems they are having with each other (and then something inevitably gets in the way and one person can’t make it and the other person thinks they no longer value the relationship – yeah, don’t let this happen).

If you are single and looking to mingle step back and look at what you are doing to attract love into your life.  Are you spending all free time in your jammies watching romantic comedies on netflix or are you getting out there and meeting people (however it is that is done these days – swiping via tinder???).  If you are single and not looking to mingle also take a step back and see how you are feeling.  Is this still a good place for you right now.  Are you happy with where you are?


I received several messages in this family category.  First I received the infinity symbol and when I tuned in closer I got the statement “the ties that bind” then the idea of family karma.  It feels like this month you may find yourself face to face with that family karma that you have been trying to ignore or that has been getting on your nerves for awhile.  But this doesn’t feel like the “karma” that accumulated in this lifetime – more like the energy that has developed from previous lifetimes.

Here is where I do a brief interlude for some quick metaphysical information for those of you interested in this kind of thing.  We as souls travel in a sort of pack that some people call “spirit families”.  These groups of souls generally work to learn and achieve relatively similar things while they are incarnated on earth.  They also usually choose to incarnate with each other over multiple lifetimes.  By doing this they can also work on the karma or energy that has developed between them from previous lifetimes so that they can balance out and neutralize this energy.

For example, say you had a brother in a previous lifetime and he and you were bitter enemies that ended up fighting on opposite sides of the civil war.  Now let’s say in this lifetime you both choose to reincarnate at the same time with one of your goals being that of healing this negative tension that developed during this previous lifetime.  Your brother from the past may incarnate as your mother and you as her daughter.  The relationship between the two of you may now be tense but you may also have the opportunity and different resources to bond and form a new and loving connection between the two of you.  (If this type of subject interests you please let me know and I can write more blog posts on this type of topic).

So – getting back to the regularly scheduled blog post – during the month of August you may find yourself face to face with a situation that actually has its roots in previous lifetimes.  Your goal in this lifetime is to handle things differently – to balance out that karma that was created previously.

In addition to this karmic message, I also received the image of the sun – particularly relating to its interpretation of the sun card in the tarot deck.  The idea is that this month there is the possibility that things with your family members may get a little heated – or they may have the opportunity to expand and grow – the choice is up to you.  The sun can either make you hot and burn your skin or it can provide the warm needed for plants to grow and flourish – it is your choice how you view the situation.


In the spirituality category I first saw the hot air balloon from a previous month’s forecast – but then the balloon popped and I saw it falling, but at a distance so it looked small.  Then a person got out of the basket of the hot air balloon.  On my piece of paper I wrote the words – tiny guy.

I really find it interesting the way our guides communicate to us.  For you this image and the words “tiny guy” may not mean much.  For me, its message is clear.  Recently my daughter has started talking about someone named “tiny guy” – a sort of invisible friend who likes to come along with us on outing and sometimes sits on her shoulder.  This idea of an invisible friend may scare some parents or they may dismiss it, but I know that at her age she should still have the ability to see spirits.

And thus, with the words “tiny guy” the energy for spirituality for August is delivered.  The message is to trust your guides and to go to them and ask for help or signs if you need it.  We all have free will and those beings on the other side who want to help us simply can’t unless we ask for it.  That is just one reason why prayer is so powerful – it is the act of us actually asking for assistance.  So don’t forget to ask your guides for any assistance you may need this month.


The advice I received for this month is to take things slowly and act with caution.  The image is of a crocodile slowly moving through the marsh.  He takes each step deliberately and is cautious not to scare his prey.  Then, when he is in the correct positioning he acts at lighting speed.

Be the crocodile this month.  Take your time until everything is perfect and then don’t be afraid to act.  Plan out everything, but then don’t forget to follow through and get things done.

Empowerment Actions 

I like to end each reading with empowerment actions, these are steps you can take to bring this reading into your daily life.

The crystal vibration that my guides are sending that we should work with this month is clear crystal quartz.  This stone is readily available and comes in many different shapes.  Clear quartz helps to amplify – this can be an amplification of your thoughts, your intentions or your connection with your guides.  It simply gives us an extra charge of energy to do with what we choose.

For your affirmation this month my guides are telling me that you need to follow the advice above under spirituality and ask your guides for a sign or affirmation.  Take a few minutes and go into silence.  Ask and see if anything comes to you.  Do you hear a song?  A phrase?  See an image?  It is okay if you don’t, just pay attention to your surroundings in the coming days and see if an affirmation doesn’t fall right into your lap.

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