Yes…yes I did use the word naked to get your attention for this blog post – it seems a lot snazzier than “lack of clothes”…

We all have likely heard of the stereotypical dream of standing up in front of your high school class/assembly/business meeting and then looking down to see that you are naked.  As portrayed in television and the media this usually ends in a feeling of embarrassment and then the individual having anxiety about going to school/work/the mall.

But what is this dream trying to tell the dreamer?  What does it mean to be naked in a dream and why are people so embarrassed by their nakedness?

First, let’s start by examining what clothing means in our modern day culture.  Clothing is a way that we project to others who we are.  Wear the latest trends and you seem to be a trendsetter – wear all black and you are a goth – cardigan over your shoulders and you are labeled country club elite.  When you take away this clothing – these ways in which we let others know who we are – or, more precisely who we want them to think we are – what is left?  Without clothing to hide who we are we are just left with our authentic self.

When we find ourselves naked in a dream what it really means is that we are showing this group of people – or this part of ourselves – who we really are.  We are being our authentic self.  And guess what – we sometimes find this authentic self a little bit embarrassing.  That is why these dream sequences sometimes end in the dreamer running away from the class/assembly/meeting and trying to cover up.  It isn’t their nakedness they are scared of – but people seeing who they truly are.

I have an ulterior motive in discussing this dream symbol at this particular time.  The month of August 2017 is full of lots of astrological influences that may leave you feeling exposed and vulnerable.  With a big eclipse coming up on August 21st this impact may be very heightened for a large number of individuals.  These energies are all about exposing your authentic self – that person that resides behind the clothing.

With this energy in the collective consciousness you may just find yourself dreaming of being naked this coming month.  I have even had a dream recently of being in my closet and looking around at my clothes – the number left on the hangers showed how much I was still hiding who I really am.  Pay attention to the way you feel when you are naked in your dream.  Do you feel exposed and vulnerable?  Do you feel embarrassed?  Do you feel empowered and enlightened?

Have you had one of these dreams where you are naked in front of a group of people?  How do you feel when you appear without clothes on in a dream?

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