Now that we have made it through our discussion of the seven major chakras you might be asking yourself – What does it mean to have an open chakra?  A blocked chakra? An overactive chakra?

So below is kind of my “cheat sheet” for what the energy looks like in different chakra states.  This is just what I have found and how I read energy.  Your path may lead you in a different direction – if it does, trust that and go with it.  This is also the information that I send out with every Chakra Analysis from my etsy store so you aren’t left wondering what it means when I say your Root chakra is closed and blocked!  And if you want a more in-depth discussion, check out my book Chakras and Auras: A Practical Guide to Your Energetic Body.

Chakra States

Open Chakra:  When a chakra is open energy is flowing through the chakra.

Closed Chakra: If a chakra is closed you may be avoiding activities and thoughts associated with this chakra.  Closed chakras are usually an indication that you have taken steps to stop this energy from entering your auric field.  These steps could include a fear or a denial of the energy associated with this chakra.  Emotional baggage and physical injuries or illness can also close a chakra.

Blocked Chakra: If a chakra is blocked, something is getting in the way of your chakra fully expressing itself.  This could be the flow of energy to this chakra or it may be because of some negative thoughts or feelings.  If a chakra is open and blocked (while the root and crown chakras are open), I see that block as a tiny smudge on an otherwise open and healthy chakra.  These smudges are sometimes caused by our allowing other individual’s perceptions to influence us.

If your crown and/or root chakra are closed, this cuts off one stream of energy and will lead to all your other chakras being blocked.  Our bodies have two main energy streams, one coming in from the top of our heads and one coming in from our root charka and running along the length of our spinal column.  If either of these chakras is closed to energy, then an entire stream of energy has difficulty entering our bodies and thus your remaining chakras will have blocked energy as well.

Overactive Chakra: A chakra can also be open and overactive, meaning that too much attention is being directed to this area of your life, usually at the expense of other areas.  Having an overactive chakra for too long a period of time may result in a physical manifestation of this excess energy, meaning you could possibly get sick.

Transitional State: A chakra in a transitional state is in the process of changing – going from closed to open or open to closed.  During this time it vacillates between the two states as the process of opening/closing continues.  When a chakra is in this state you may feel that this center of your body is functioning wonderfully at some moments and at other moments you may have doubt and uncertainty creep in.

Do you have certain chakras that you feel are closed more than they are open?  Do you read chakra energy in a different manner?  What does a blocked chakra feel like to you?

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  1. Hi
    I am new to reading Chakra energy and I was wondering why Marjorie T Greene has no rainbow energy…. Is she closed, blocked, broken or just condemned?


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